To be inspired is great but to inspire someone else is Incredible

Personally my most rewarding feelings are when someone tells me that I have inspired them. Even better still,  if due to me inspiring them, they have taken action by following up on their own ideas and projects. Many people these days need to be innovative, positive, broad minded and above all believe in themselves that they can make a difference. My latest hubpage article was therefore titled: How to activate  inspiring ideas 

I shared 9 different moments in one day that brought up ideas for months to come, and which Aha moment on that day I followed up on in my article. The article in itself became idea number 10.

It will always be my passion to find a way to increase and to activate the imaginative skills and attention flexibility in people through their brain network circuits. I was drawn to the creative activity of doodling. My post on how to activate inspiring ideas has further explained  my ideas to share my doodling exercises onto the cards as a workshop on analogue symbolism

Ideas and inspirations are constantly around us, but how to recognize them is a skill we need to enhance all the time. What would be helpful for many people is to find out about their own wiring. We are  individually all uniquely different, and when I say it’s all in our wiring, I’m referring to the human design decoding. To read up on the Human design decoding, this link will take you to an article about my own experiences from having attended several workshops on the Human design.

Today was also a special day for me because my latest book is now out in print!  Readers from South Africa can order the ebook, or the printed book from Exclusive books, or buy it directly from the Kima Global Publishers website. or its also available on Amazon.


the self employed housewife book 1

As I wrote before, Life is like a Monopoly board game. Readers will discover or agree that we are the painters of our world canvas. Each day we all have opportunities and can explore many options, which is a blessing.

Thanks for reading my post.


we are the painters


2 thoughts on “To be inspired is great but to inspire someone else is Incredible

  1. Hi Nadine,
    I totally agree with you about inspiring others! I see you are a fellow member of the VFA and so on the same “journey” as the rest of us… It is certainly exciting to be an author right now, experiencing all the synchronicity and being aware of the inspiration flowing in… for what may well be “end times” as a precursor to the “new times” which will emerge…
    You might like to take a look at my guest post on the VFA this month on the subject of “meta-realist allegory…”
    With Love, Light and Laughter

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