The END of an OLD age

Many like me have read that with the end of an age our galaxy would move into the field of high vibrating energy, known by various names as the Galactic Superwave or the inner part of the Photon Band/Belt.

It is almost 20 years ago since I first read this book: You are becoming a Galactic Human by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle in 1995 and for some reason I have taken it from my bookshelf as I was preparing this blog article

There is no scientific evidence for the existence of any sort of “photon belt.” and that the concept of the Photon Belt is a part of New Age philosophy, but … some parts of the story can be analyzed scientifically.

True or Fantasy?

Once we entered that space we would go through a period of intense change, so we have been told.  This change involved literally shaking off and releasing the parts of our reality that no longer fit. From the years 2012 until 2020 it would gradually become more intense because the energies would be more intense.  Is that what we are seeing now?

KennedyThe sun is expelling massive gamma ray bursts as though it had acid reflux.  The weather is off the charts, the political climate is absolutely crazy, and the world economy is in the toilet. Now we must all question ourselves: Are we still in a state of enslavement? The image on the left seems to suggest it. Slavery was not only an aspect of history, slavery is still a World wide problem; millions of people are trapped in domestic slavery…from China to USA. We usually hear about modern slavery in Sudan, but more people are trafficked in America than in Sudan. What about economic slavery!  Our world is crumbling fast!keeping calm

Path to enlightenment

path to enligtenmentTo ascend one’s consciousness requires the ability to view life’s events from a higher perspective; one that could observe both the positive and negative and find value in both.

When each person develops this ability, then they would be able to ride the waves of change and not get pulled under.

The following video said it very well


Of course, this ability requires a new set of beliefs, higher beliefs based on the way a creator god/goddess would think. Another way of saying it is that a return to god consciousness is now required.  Only then, with the ability and skill to be able to see beyond the obvious (the 10% of reality we now see) to what was really going on (the 90% of reality that is hidden) can we re-balance ourselves – after each shock to do with our old perceptions – and eventually find peace.

Left brain verses right brain thinking

our inmagination

If any human being’s Linear left brain thinking stays dominant above their correct hemisphere’s power to conceptualize with a more multidimensional degree (right brain thinking), then those people will never be awake enough for making intuitive decisions as well as to literally survive the changes.
Instead they may be drawn straight into negative thinking patterns that induce feelings such as, sadness, anxiety, anger, despondency, depression and even feelings of hate,  to name but some. They may be very low within the frequency degree, and probably will remain enslaved!

Could our imagination skills be the doorway in, but is humanity loosing this skill?

  • The ‘physical matter’ which makes up our universe, some say was never created.
  • It has always existed and will always continue to exist in one form or another. True or not true?
  • The Earth was formed as a result of the naturally occurring forces which have always been and will always be.
  • Life on this planet was not created but evolved, just as it has done and will continue to do so on billions of other planets which can support life.

 Are these four ideas come from a Left, or Right brain thinking?

Only you the reader can answer that question. On a global scale many have chosen to consciously move into denial with regard to the increasingly obvious signs of our times. They either have not evolved enough to awaken peacefully, or they are trapped by religious dogma – but one thing is for sure – because evolution only happens due to change – that is what we get. Enormous change.

Movements like: and: have been established in order to the help us all to release ourselves from the old enslavement system and show us that we do have a choice to live our lives according to our own free will and to exercise our own free will choices.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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