Be Prepared for the Big Cosmic Event!

So much is going on during these end times. What is more amazing is that many have been told that the End of a World we know is indeed soon coming to an end. No NOT through war, or any other dramatic catastrophic events. Instead there is going to be a massive Global Awakening!

The first YouTube video I’ve shared in this post will tell you all what is going on in detail. Angela’s awakening history backgrounds where she came from in terms of her background of and the searching she did through all the books. Gosh, that was so like my story around 1978 – 1999. I never lost a child,(thank goodness) but I went through other traumatic experiences. I sincerely thank her for sharing  what her son told her about the forthcoming events.

I was told in 1975 to express my experiences through storytelling, but my visionary fiction novels were only born and got first published in 2001. Then in 2002, I started typesetting a book titled: Heavens’ Gift. This book was so close to what Angela shared.

This book is truly about the same story what it feels like on the other side!
Now years later my forthcoming novel Reality Shifters will hopefully awaken readers who are still sitting on the awakening fence so to speak. Love the Healing Domes Angela, they appearing in my novel! Your Son’s messages sounded all true for me…

(Angela lost her son Christopher at the age of 26. After a few months, she was contacted by her son before going to sleep. He told her about the new earth, Mandela effect, Nibiru, Trump and the coming event! Are great changes coming our way? Tune in and listen to this amazing story!)

A Cosmic event is like a Rainbow Portal.

I had already listened to Allison’s video below, before Angela’s and was already super excited about the messages Allison received from her clients under hypnosis. They were all in their own individual way talking about the same Cosmic event as that Angela’s son mentioned. None of us can pinpoint any dates and why would we? Time is not for real anyway. (links)

Things are definitely ramping up in the 3D and beyond. Several clients were transported to the Event and experienced it first hand. Very cool information. Hope you enjoy and this helps someone in some way. As always, please use your own discernment when listening to timelines and other information provided in my videos. “Thank You!!” to all of my wonderful clients, and to the listeners of this video. We need you! Thank you for holding the light. Much love, Allison

The Power of Synchronicity

Social media is altogether a great information gathering platform, especially if one belongs to specialized groups. When this article came past my Facebook home-feed after I had been listening to both above videos, I was truly amazed at the timing. Scientists: “Strong Magnetic Storm Will Engulf Earth On March 18th”

Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences have warned that a huge magnetic storm will strike Earth on March 18, disrupting satellites, GPS navigation and power grids across the planet.
Apparently, there were other magnetic storms that had already recorded on January 15 and the second on February 19.
Is this synchronicity or what!

I’m not saying that this is what a spectacular Cosmic rainbow will be about, but who knows it might be the start?

The great Separation

In truth none of us are separated but there seem to be more of a division between people on Earth happening due to all kinds of topics they disagree on, especially politically and about the conspiracy agendas. That is somewhat traumatic for some if it involves close family and friends, therefore the events that are predicted through both videos are very uplifting, especially in the knowing that NOBODY is been left behind!

Please share this post if you feel your family or friends might need to investigate these forthcoming event for themselves.

Namasté to you all

Nadine May


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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