The Future and the New Earth

Biological Ascension from a Visionary story writers perspective.

The Earth is changing. We are changing. The big questions that arise? What is the 5th-dimensional version of Earth and how do we transition? Many theories contemplate how we make the quantum leap forward into the so-called New Earth leaving behind the old one.
Let’s examine the theories that are already presented to us to help piece together what lies in store for us in the future.

Dolores Cannon’s work talks much about the split between the old and new Earth which is separated by dimensions or density. One is third density-based and the other 4th/5th density based.

Annie Kirkwood – Mary’s Message to the World

The Energy Portals of our Body of Light

The vibratory changes align to the difference in our chakra energies, transitioning from a 3rd chakra dominated society to a 4th/5th chakra society.

Our Solar plexus, the third chakra expresses how we use personal power to establish individualism but also to maintain control in our physical surroundings. This gut-based consciousness is more strongly tied to the masculine energy and in doing so it has leaned towards the unbalanced service to the self attitude that has gotten us into some pretty sticky situations.

In my Language of Light workbook, we move towards the Heart Chakra
The 4th density consciousness is tied to that of the 4th energy centre in our chakra system; that of the heart.
4th density individuals have woken up to the reality that a being possesses power and presence beyond that of their physical body and the person starts pursuing their path towards obtaining higher states of consciousness. At this stage, the person adopting this density state is aware that vibration is the key to enlightenment and that through an opened heart chakra, they can connect to all things in the universe to see beyond purely the physical constructs of the 3D.

The heart chakra conforms to the purer energies of love, compassion, harmony and cooperation.
This is the level that we express and can manifest our thoughts instantaneously through the fifth dimension. It is where we can materialize and dematerialize going from our physical body to our light bodies and vice versa.

What we can Imagine we can make Real.

This is how the Annunaki were able to change form and how the wild Egyptian stories of these beings changing identities could hold much truth and validity after all.

So how do we shift?

I think the shift will be much more subtle than we would like to anticipate. Rather than having a drastic change between a dystopia and a utopia, in contrast, I see the split coming in the form of a duplicated canvas of our current Earth. Just like how a cell divides naturally through mitosis, I see two identical canvases being birthed initially only for the two worlds to change as we decide which one we want to live in. Living in a parallel world separate from one another would be my understanding of it.
As part of our evolution, it is up to us how we want to transform the world and so we won’t just wake up in some magical paradise. Our current reality is presenting us with the catalyst for change; giving us the choice to choose between the old and new Earth, separated by the frequencies of fear and love.

2021 – 2025

The next four years are particularly vital as to what version of Earth we decide to live in. It doesn’t matter about your past but what you are choosing in this now moment moving forward. This is why Dolores Cannon is saying we can release all karma as long as we drop our fears and let go of any negative attachments we were previously holding on to that was causing us trauma. Trauma is essentially fear stored within the body. These next four years will be testing us as a global species in how we respond to darkness and low vibrations. When we choose to forgive and move on from all the negativity that our world has been flooded with for thousands of years, only then can we move past our traumas and start rebuilding again from that of a blank canvas. This is what our bodies have been preparing for over the last several months and years; to hold higher levels of light and consciousness that will keep us strong and centred when all of the nasty truths of the world are revealed to the masses. We would only seek to repeat the negative cycle of retaliation if we were to fight negative with negative energy. This time we are given the option to move past the corruption through unconditional love or to keep feeding the beast with its energy. Understand that, responding with lower vibrations to anything at all, regardless of the situation at hand, is keeping off-planet entities that control our matrix system alive. The more we hold the light, the quicker the waveforms of the planet rise and expand, resulting in a much faster change in the alchemy of the darker energies.
The choice is ours every now moment. Every negative choice keeps us attached to the old Earth and dense energy system. We must learn that we are constantly flicking channels from the old and new Earth all the time depending on our current state. We are essentially training to consistently keep ourselves in the higher timeline by always responding with love.

What we are currently experiencing is so we can alchemize change and learn from what experimentation of the past that did not serve us we can rectify. It is all a learning process in our evolutionary consciousness as a modern human race.

Who will graduate to the next stage in our evolutionary process and who is choosing to stay ignorant or continue with learning and experiencing the 3D reality?

David Wilcock suggests that these dualistic loops work in 26,000-year increment cycles with us being at the pivotal stage of the processional equinox. He suggests that those left behind would have to wait until the next cycle to complete to ascend. Dolores Cannon proposed that this was not the case and that those choosing not to go on to the higher realms of existence will play out the rest of their karma on other third-density planets in their journey of the soul.

Can we predict a timeline we are heading towards?


Let’s say that the following 24 years is the rebuilding stage where free energy for all will surface and all debt and homelessness will be abolished. We will start to move closer towards group-mind thinking and eventually become an all connected social memory complex that looks out for each other’s best interest.
This is the new Earth period where we will reshape and mold the foundations of the future. It is an amazing opportunity to be alive at this time to be a part of this extraordinary recreation process.
Those who look through the eyes of fear at this stage will only experience turbulence in their minds because they cannot see the bigger picture. Negative always leads to positive.

Those choosing the pathway of the heart will be protected on their ascension journey. As the body transitions from carbon to crystalline, this lighter form of matter won’t be affected like our old biological systems when the new Earth increases its vibrations. The heartbeat of the planet measured through the Schuman Resonance has recently risen as high as 8.50hz after being kept at around 7.83hz for thousands of years. This has demonstrated that not only is love expanding on our planet but time is also speeding up. Even though we still conform to 24-hour clocks, the actual time when measured to the frequencies of the past is more likely that we experience 16 hour days. The shifting of timelines has already begun.

The Pleiadeans have said that the acceleration via the frequency of the planet started in 1987 and continued up until 2012. They call this timeframe the ‘nano’. This helped us shift into a parallel reality that matches up perfectly with the Mayan Calendar and prophecy.

As there weren’t any physical signs or evidence that we had changed worlds as such, it seemed like nothing had happened. The dawn of a new era was born in 2012 even though we had no clue what was going on.
CERN technology that was being harnessed and implemented by the darker forces to create new portals in aid of controlling our universe (written about in my visionary fiction novels) was flipped on its head.

The new age was born when this secretive plan suddenly diminished allowing for the people to eventually gain back control of their planet in the time since that reality will change. These darker forces have nowhere to hide now that their technology is useless with their main agenda. People have started to awaken their psychic powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, and more intuitive abilities like remote viewing.
They can only attempt to control the population through fear but they all know deep down they’re all screwed as they’re being backed up into a corner with no exit route.

The timeline split seems to come down to the choice between organic ascension through doing the work on yourself or, taking the shortcut route through that of transhuman integration. It is a decision of whether to keep your already divine form or to go down the route of becoming a cyborg. The artificial intelligence mainframe would connect you up to a separate consciousness grid that would access your soul or take it from you if you were to choose this reality for yourself. Worlds split by consciousness and perception and splinter off through the biological decisions you undertake. Ascension can only be achieved with pure biology.

The mark of the beast

The 666 number that is referred to as evil is representative of our carbon-based molecular structure. The density of our atoms carries within them 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. By keeping us in a carbon-based body, we cannot ascend out of the third-dimensional plane so other entities can keep feeding off of our energy and integrate us into their consciousness grid of denser matter.

Their evil agenda is fully exposed.

The inoculations rolling out currently are the first stages in stopping human beings from developing crystalline bodies, conforming to this satanic agenda. Hence why they call it the mark of the beast 666.
Those who choose to become cyborgs will be letting go of their divine essence and choosing to get locked into a deeper level of the matrix programming (a matrix within a matrix infiltration system).

The Ascension path

Those choosing the path of love and light will start their journey from 4th density into 5th density when the education systems are reformed after the collapse of the old societal ways in the next few years. Creativity and spirituality will be at the forefront to develop a soul’s growth. There will be a much greater emphasis on helping the human race evolve to its final stage where we will all eventually transition into the 5th dimension when these systems solidify themselves in our new societies.

The new Earth schools will teach us all how to become masters of our multidimensional selves that will allow us all to eventually switch between physical and non-physical forms.
It is said that to do this, one must go through 5 initiation stages.
I was told to use these 5 stages by using how we manifest our experiences in life in a creative way through our doodling.

The first initiation is the controlling of the ego within the physical body.
This is the stage to master the physical body.
We become Reality Shifters.

The second initiation teaches us to control our astral body,
(Richard’s journals – Orphanage of Souls)
Learning how to integrate our astral bodies with our physical body so we best can serve our fellow companions.
Upon demonstrating this new skill, (through storytelling ) readers will be given the secret of the sea astral light karma.

The third initiation stage is all about learning the laws of creative thought building to manipulate matter.
(Anneliese’ journal- Vanishing Worlds)
This can only be achieved when the foundation of the physical and astral bodies can be controlled by allowing these new psychic faculties to open up on the sublevels of the mental plane.

The fourth initiation is one of immense sacrifice. (Tulanda’s journal – Parallel Realities )
Still to be published.

My fictional character Tulanda has been trained to learn the cosmic plans at large. People at this stage develop a 4th-dimensional vision. They can see further possibilities constraining time and becomes more attuned with a greater understanding of how sound and color are used to heal as well as create. The secret of polarity has been acknowledged and thoroughly demonstrated to the ascended masters.

The fifth and final initiation (The Prophet’s Game – POWAH the guide) not yet written.
This book will have to consists of mastering the sixth mental sub-planes by becoming true masters of themselves.
Once all these 5 stages have been completed, humans would then be allowed into the higher dimensions and can either choose to go on to explore other avenues of creation or decide to stay as 5th-dimensional entities in the new Earth.

The New Earth creates itself when we choose to create it. The time is now.

The 9D Acturian council want to remind us that we are not limited to laws, money in the bank nor our geographical location. It is only when we change our vibration that we change everything. It has never been about a change of scenery (the new Earth) but instead, a change in our internal world reflects how we perceive our outer world.
Worlds split by agreements and beliefs.
The Pleiadeans stress that what we are invested in, can build millions of worlds and not just one. It all comes down to if we believe we can do this since everything is just thought and thought is infinite. This is the power we hold in the form of probabilities within quantum mechanics. Set our intentions all the time as this is how we take control of the matrix and recode its information field to manifest the world we want to see. This is a skill that we all need to practice. Focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want. This is how we all shift!

It took me 34 years to get to the start of stage 4 – writing about our biological ascension through visionary fiction.
My gratitude goes towards all the people who cross my path helping me to awaken to my ascension journey.
Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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