How to re-access your Spiritual bank account of plenty

So that you can manifest anything and everything?

All human beings have a Benevolent, Unlimited Spiritual bank account of plenty at their disposal

The word Benevolent means: “Having or showing a desire to promote the happiness and prosperity of others. Having a kindly disposition, through generosity and showing pleasure in doing good works.”

Every person who chooses to be born into this earthly reality has this energy ‘bank’ account of plenty. It’s hidden in the particles of light that are all around us. These light particles are vibrating on a high frequency. They are experienced by us through the breath. During the golden age (long ago) when we inhaled our spiritual bank spiritual filled up, and when we exhaled, we shared our abundance with all. By creating harmonious sounds we could create anything and everything. There was no separation between humans, animals, plants or trees.We were at one with all God’s creation.

What happened?

Many ages ago we were introduced to the fallen co-creators, from other systems, who came to live among us. We shared all we had with them. We didn’t know what shadow thought forms were, and what they could do to our atmosphere of pure light. Gradually we intermixed and our overall frequency dropped. The few people who started to observe what happened kept themselves pure through their desire to promote happiness and prosperity for all, but they were greatly outnumbered. Over many ages forgetfulness about a golden age set in, until even those memories were gone. This caused a split in our atmosphere. Due to the drop in vibrations, energy layers were formed, separating our reality from higher vibration worlds. This sensation of being separate divided our awareness levels of consciousness. Today we call them our Left and Right thinking modes, or our logical (masculine) and our creative (feminine) consciousness.

We are now once again on the brink of a great global shift of the ages. We all have a free choice. Either we choose to experience once again a golden age type of reality, or we carry on in this type of reality. Having knowledge about the choice is very important. Knowing how this will first activate and then an awareness will set in about each person’s individual soul purpose. Each will find their own individual way on how to be a light worker.

Are you choosing to experience spiritual abundance, or a material abundance?

Example: If people focus is on financial abundance, then there are many teachers out there from business coaches to corporate institutions aiming to interpret this ‘spiritual’ bank account. They do this by mostly by coming up with positive thinking methods. The movie The Secret is a good example. Many people have been emphasising this positive thinking technique, but has it worked?

Up to a point it does work, especially if a person is good at focusing on their projected goals. Their sheer one-track-mindedness will, up to a certain point, attract the lifestyles they aim for.We can work towards a goal with the best in mind. We can put every effort into making a project turn out just the way we want it to. But at a certain point we have to turn it over to the universe and just accept that we can’t control everything, and we wouldn’t want to! There are so many factors that can influence any situation. A project might not go well, but it could just as easily turn out better than we had planned.

The expression: ‘turn it over to the universe’ is an important one. This means different things to different people, but there is one element that unifies us all. LOVE is for free, and is always there in abundance. Love cannot ever run out, Love can never be sold, hired, or bought. LOVE can only attract love.

If our dreams, goals or wishes are in alignment with feelings of Love, joy, happiness and gratitude for what we already have, then they will more likely manifest.

If our dreams, goals or wishes hold the energy of Love, then that will uplift others in their lives,

If our daily focus inspires others as well as yourself, to keep aiming for a better life for all, then the forces of Love & light will realign you with your Spiritual bank account of plenty. Nothing can stop it from doing so.

LOVE has a lot to do the the vibrational rate of our individual consciousness. The more we shine our true light, the more particles of light each person will add to our atmosphere. Each individual can make a difference!

“My soul is important for me now, and I will live accordingly. I am happy, with harmony, peace and love in my heart. Everything is vibrating pure love and light. I will embody as many particles of light as I manage during my journey.’

These particles I call my very own Language of Light. I feel it, pulsating, and so be it.

With love and light

Tieneke de Beer

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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