What we can Imagine we can make Real

Are we all guided when we ask for inspirations? I totally believe we are. I will share with you why. During the time when I was painting this oil painting: Eye of the Beholder, (seen on the page itself) I knew that we are more that just physical human beings, but while living as a…

What we can Visualize we can Materialize!

What we can Visualize we can Materialize!

Many people are convinced that humanity will soon either perish due to global warming, ( or global cooling) rising tides, be taken over by alien forces (perhaps in the next fourteen years) or… approach a kind of enlightenment unlike anything that has existed previously.
What do I mean?
Meaning if our illusion of believing ‘our time’ is for real, wherein all veils or creation fields, that have separated us human beings from the ALL THAT IS will be removed and a supra-mental consciousness will emerge. I feel that last sentence is closer to the truth. If our world, our reality is a creation of the global mind – and our individual minds that each infinitely create of our own reality, then let’s investigate our fully awakening idea further.

Do We have a choice?


Be prepared, be awake, before Time is no more I want to use this blog as a place to gather information about my topic, which is to awaken from the human dream.  Whatever we humans have the ability to conceive, this Universe has the ability to provide. Anything, without exception. For me that means that…