Ascending from ‘Program Earth’ towards a Parallel Reality

  • How do most people see or perceive the word ‘ascending’?
  • How do others view the concept of ‘Parallel Worlds & Realities’ or Universes?

The awakening to our ascension series

Many people must ask similar questions to these just as the fictional characters in the Awakening to the Ascension novels do.  Our inspiration often comes to us like floodgates that open through our focus and intent, when we do creative writing. Especially now because we do research on the internet.
Most of our readers know, have read or heard from well knows authors and scientists that our reality is an illusion. Time does not exist. We humans are multidimensional spiritual beings, and people on Earth are controlled by a “program” as such. How can we prove this?
While writing Liesbeth’s journal: Parallel Worlds & Realities I was looking for slides for my talk titled ‘Ascending from Program Earth’ at the Celebrate Life Festival in Cape Town when this video popped up.

Dr. Doug explains how we are living in a ‘program’ that we all created together, not unlike the famous one from the film “The Matrix”.  When he mentioned that there are four major programs that rule the reality of our world on EARTH, but each individual can only work with two programs, I realised that was a new way to intellectualize our persona. If each individual has ‘two programs’ they will feel directed to explore during this incarnation, then why not use all four?Tulanda story
The four programs are: Money, sex, spirituality and power.
Everyone wants to feel connected, loved for who they are, and all people want to feel worthy, so which of the four programs are our family and friends using?
Does individual power (either through being famous, or by making a lot of money) awaken people to their true inner being? ) Or, when we focus on spirituality within our lives to feel this inner connection, are we then more inclined to awaken to our true ‘inner power’? Most of us reading my blogs are focusing on their spirituality within. Does that mean that sex and money are Taboo? The above video might have the answers.

Conspiracy  topics

  • Do we really know the truth behind another souls journey?

People tend to think that many of those in power are so greedy and malevolent that they’re dragging everyone down with them, and that they’ve structured society so nobody can get ahead without becoming like them; that the Illuminati are manipulating everything. But could it not be that even some Illuminati figures are also caught in this  program ‘Planet Earth’ ?

“What can we each do?” Is Our world as we know it really going down like a landslide, and can we stop it?

  • Ascending towards a Parallel Reality, what does it mean?

Let’s contemplate:

If our awareness levels are expanding about concepts like living in many parallel realities simultaneously. Could it be that we as human beings are actually “aliens” but from our human perspective weparalell lives still feel separated from them?  If time does not exist, then past or future is also an illusion.
From an esoteric perspective: Say that a % of our ‘soul’  is living on other planets – or in parallel realities – and is now merging its level of consciousness from other lives with our human soul experience on planet Earth.  Could that mean that during these changing times are we attracting our own counterpart’s  personas?

Is this idea so outlandish?Ken Carey, Return Of The Bird Tribes.

“Listen, O humans of this present world; Listen, as the sparrow listens for her lover’s call on the breeze. We are speaking to you from our dreams, in snatches of song heard in passing, from the mouths of children, from these pages; but more than this, we are speaking to you from the centre of your innermost being. Hear us and remember yourselves. We return to human consciousness, bringing a time of new creation and the information required for humans to understand the changing conditions of the age. We are here to merge, to blend with your human egos, to help your race become the central guidance system of a vast new being. We are here to help the great spirit incarnate in the people of the four races”.

Ken Carey, Return Of The Bird Tribes.

Can Evolution be stopped!

THOUGHTSIf our collective focus of unity consciousness is moving into the fourth dimension, thereby manifesting a fifth dimension reality, will this be happening to all life on planet Earth? We know that in these times our thoughts are creating events far more quickly than ever before, especially when we hold a strong intent to ascend from this third dimensional reality.  Yes we can also see that our global chaos landslides down further into a destructive pattern, but could we not by choice instead paint our future very beautifully?

WE CAN! We live during exciting times.  If we all united staying right with the Earth’s vibrations and the cosmic vibrations at this time of the dimensional shift, it should be much easier to wake up than at just about any time in the last ten thousand years. What we need to do is to awaken our Pineal gland!
How can we activate our pineal gland?
According to many authors, visionaries and scientists this gland when awakened, will expand our awareness level about multi-dimensional and parallel realities in an instant. Like a blink of an eye! The following  visual exercise will hopefully proves how our minds are cohesively joined to the Matrix.

Yes, it might be that “the Program Earth”  has been hard to wake up from  during the last ten thousand years, but when we look at our world news, especially on the channel  Aljazeera,  we can already see that a bigger picture is appearing.  Yes, at this moment  our global economy, or the wars that show no end to the violence still seem hopeless.  Especially the hardships millions are experiencing right now, but when more and more light workers, star seeds and visionaries are waking up and are uniting through the internet, our end results will be incredible. All we have to do is relax and go with the natural flow, and we will surface and awaken.

Movies are hinting of the possibility of humans and robots merging, but it hasn’t really solidified .  If we all can throw our weight into our own happy life that’s as emotionally and spiritually rich as we can live it, that is the best way to prevent that scenario. We are all one and connected, and we can feel what’s happening on the inner planes.
Each light worker can assist people who are caught in a spiritually arid, sterile world by instead  painting a glimpse of a dream of something different that they can move towards. We know this sounds incredibly fictional but remember: What we can imagine we can make real!


Nadine May

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