Is writing a novel a learned skill?

Are we born writers or not?

In my novels one of my characters explains the reasons why a soul is born into our world with a memory of a talent. My own writing skill grew over many years of practicing, and it’s still improving all the time. The content of my novels came from personal experiences and a lot of research on esoteric and metaphysical sciences.
The first character that came to me as a story teller was Liesbeth, who is also known as Tulanda in my later novels. She is a walk-in. Her story was born in 1995 and flowed as if I was on a river raft adventure.

Why was my first character a walk-in?

When I started my attempt at creative writing, it felt as if someone else was taking control of my hands and fingers on the keyboard!  Please read on ….



5 thoughts on “Is writing a novel a learned skill?

  1. I think many writers know they have a calling from a very young age even if they don’t pursue it right away. However, writers can also be born through inspiration.

    One shared trait is that writers cannot *not* write. I wrote several books and then set them aside for ten years, but every day it pained me that I was not writing.

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