Are there any Parallel Worlds?

People often ask: Are there any Parallel Worlds & Realities? My reply is always the same:

What you believe to be real is the reality you experience.

That must be a powerful statement not so? Notions of parallel universes or other dimensions that resemble your reality on Earth have appeared in works of science fiction and have been used as explanations for metaphysics, but in your ‘times’ It all comes down to the understanding about your relationship between time and space.

In this third dimensional realm – Planet Earth – people live in a ‘world’ that is based on the preconceived belief in linear action. Humanity as a whole is being taught to believe that they exist on just one solid timeline.

Questions like: Does being aware of Parallel worlds depends on the awareness levels in consciousness?

(2) Are the people in our lives a mirror reflection of our reality?

(3) Are their really an infinite number of versions of Earth?

(3) Do time lines overlap each other?

(4) Why are some people able to foresee the future?

(5) Does reincarnation play a role?

(6) Why do we use the term illusion?

(7) Why is Time Travel very dangerous?

(8) How did destructive corruption entered planet Earth’s evolutionary program?

(9) Is there a Hidden Truth in acquiring Forbidden Knowledge?

(10) Do our scientists know about the danger of time travel?

(11) Can we all Time Travel in our body of light?

I have replied to these questions as truthfully as I know how.

By Hans Jaarsma

P.S. This gentleman can reflect truth even better than I can..

3 thoughts on “Are there any Parallel Worlds?

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    • Thank you for your question. Whatever we can imagine in our head, using our brain, is just as real as the world around us, at least we perceive it as being real. Have a look at the You tube videos on the Holographic universe. or visit this site:

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