The three observation points of view

Personal, Community and Global Awareness Levels

Most of humanity fall under the personal category. or in-between a personal and community level, depending on their situation in life at that moment. Visionaries are almost all globally minded individuals.

The three awareness level groups

It’s all about ME!

Everything revolves around them.Their agenda will always be “What is in it for me?”.

All about ME

Me and my community

My Community

The individual’s needs come first, and then it spills over into the family’s needs, and then their community. The internet has brought people together who otherwise would not have reached this stage. Many social network communities have sprung up that have attracted people with the same interests.

Outlook on life on a global level.

My global family

Here you will find visionary leaders who have the global community at heart. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society.

The Dawn of the Third Millennium

We are all dealing with unprecedented diversity in our workplaces, people with very different worldviews, beliefs, attitudes and preferences. Does this video tell us that we are soon see major changes coming?
What we can imagine we can make real!

To read on…

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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