How does one distinguish between mind and intellect?

  • Our mind collects and categorizes impressions from our five senses.
  • Our Intellect observes and discriminates useful from useless and makes decisions.

Both mind and intellect are a flow of thoughts. Thought is not the mind but flow of thoughts is mind, like the flow of water is a river. So my next question would be:

How does the mind come into being?

From  article Mind Ego Intellect and Memory

This video says it all and more…ITS Inspiring!



2 thoughts on “How does one distinguish between mind and intellect?

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    • Interesting question: upload our minds. You mean like when we upload a file, photo or video? mmm that is more a science fiction topic, but very often the stuff that science fiction authors have written about our scientists are now investigating. So my reply in the end would be Yes anything is possible.

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