Does our world exist due to our belief in TIME?

I’ve written several articles on the topic of TIME for this blog, because it’s my understanding that TIME is a program that controls our physical third dimensional reality. The reasons are because I have on several occasions moved beyond time while my body was sleeping.  l can differentiate my ‘predictive’ dreams from my ‘regular’ dreams.

  • Why do we perceive time differently according to circumstances?

Awakening beyond time

When we wait for somebody to arrive, and they are late, how does our mind respond to this?  Do we not first make up reasons why this person might be late?  Our mind is all the time (here I say the Time word again) thinking on a time line.

“A watched pot never seems to boil, but go and check your emails and it will be boiling over before you know it.”

It’s my understanding that it is very important the way we  perceive time. It is crucial to our human lives and we have to distinguish between mechanical time, sidereal time, solar time, local time, physical time, physiological time, psychological time, and so on.
Did you know that the word “time” turns out to be the most widely used noun in English ?
The following  quote : “Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards.”  makes my mind  go in circles. Only in our minds do we tend to separate the three dimensions of space and the one of time. There appears to be no single part of our brain that measures the passage of hours and minutes, which is just one of the many curiosities about our species’ attempts to assess time.

The following three articles are all about Time and Space that constitute the two greatest mysteries of the human mind.

Last week we saw a great movie titled: LUCY, a 2014 science fiction action film. At the end of this action packed movie the voice of Lucy says: “without time the third dimension reality does not exist”

I’ve just finished the article on the title.    Are we controlled by TIME while we dream?      Please click on the link to read it.

Thank you for spending the TIME to read my blog entry.



What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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