Fear is the Virus, NOT Ebola

We do live in very turbulent times and the emotion of FEAR we humans all know about is doing its rampage. On a personal note, I had to completely reformat my computer over the weekend in order to make sure that no Virus was lurking anywhere, and now I am about to re-install and re-bookmark every program and links that I use to have. What a mission.

I wrote the article link below on my partner’s Bubblews account because I have not been able to login my own account for three weeks!
Something is going on with Bubblews but nobody seems to know what? Probably due to the fact that many people like me write on there to earn money. Its the best site for it so far.

A week later when I could login again I wrote another article wit the title:

Ebola is a FAKE virus

Back to my topic on the Ebola scare.

The virus of Fear

Here is the link to the post


Why is fear an illusion

listen to this video for yourself.

I realized what “False Flags” are and why we have several wars all over the planet.

  • Why would the US government manufacture a disease threat, real or feigned, as an excuse for martial law and mass detentions? Could it  do so as a per-emptive measure against the likelihood of popular unrest when the dollar collapses and the American economy implodes?
  • Is there a reason why the US government is terrorizing Americans with Ebola?

Either “they” whoever they are,are lying, or they have created a synthetic, weaponized version of Ebola.

I do not have all the answers, but I am fully comfortable with asking some of these questions. Are you?

On Vicktorya’s  bubblews page you will find many more articles like:  Ready for your Ebola Vaccination?

If anyone can add  their comment to this post I will be very happy to reply and look, or follow  your blog or website.




What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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