What does it take to change our reality?

intellect does not understand intuition

What would happen if this video would be shown on our national TV all over the world, instead of all the advertizing we allow ourselves to be polluted with? Watch this powerful video and if you feel we do NOT have all that much time left, then please share it, if you think it can really make an impact.

At the moment I’m selling most of the thousands of books that we both, my partner and I, have collected since 1970 (for a donation) Why? We both know that its our perceptions that keeps this reality for what it is. Yes this video is alarming and its all very true,but what about if our reality is just a game our consciousness is playing?
Over the years I’ve written many articles and my novels tell the same story, that we experience the program planet Earth, but have forgotten that it’s all an illusion.
How do we wake up from this illusion?
That is what many of you question, I’m sure. During the writing of Parallel Realities, the fifth novel in my awakening series, I will explore many angles through story telling. By Creating a human plot  its my intent to share my personal insights to this, forever my story.


Personally I think that its our imagination that will in the end set us free.

Last week I was directed to a website with a FREE download book.From a cocoon into a butterfly I heard a friend talking about it and I was intrigued. “Butterflies are free to fly”   If you are not a reader, then follow the short clips starting with CHAPTER 1 – Plato’s Cave  That video more or less explores our human dilemma as it still is for many people.

When the author mentions in the book that the likely reader for this is probably a baby-boomer that has tried many different other paradigms of thinking, I knew he was addressing me.

At this moment I’m still reading  Part Two where the author introduces us to our  “Infinite I,” which is creating our unique holographic experiences. I do like his  “Human Game Model,” offering explanations all the way from why we experience pain and suffering to how we can change our reactions and responses by letting go of our judgments, beliefs, opinions, and fears.

Most spiritual books come to similar conclusions, which is peeling away all the layers of false identities that make up the “ego,” transforming and emerging from our cocoon as a “no-self into a butterfly our “real self”

I’m near CHAPTER 17 – Beliefs & Opinions and I have seen all of Dr. Bruce Lipton  videos  on how our belief filters effect our perceptions.

Dr. Kary Mullis – Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Dr. Kary Mullis explains that there is no scientific proof that HIV causes AIDS. Wow!

Thanks for reading my blog and if you like it enough to share it. Thank you.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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