Predictions for 2015 means – we all need to adapt for a reality shift

Aquarius is the sign of visionaries, the people who like to go their own way. They are known for forward thinking and welcome change.  My novels  therefore fall under the predictive visionary genre. My dear Aquarian friends, what changes are you looking forward to in YOUR lives this year?

Changes are all around us and not least of all those that relate to Mother Earth.  We seem to live in Times of the Quickening

Awakening beyond time
We know it through the weather patterns, but I like to see these changes as follows:  Our planet is preparing for a great upliftment in her vibrations, and wide-ranging changes that are already becoming apparent to those who study such subjects. It’s not all negative and gloom. On the one hand we are being assailed by the actions of a small minority who are set on bringing terror to many, but I also see it as a good sign!

“They” the controlling powers on our planet, thrive on creating fear and without it they would lose their power to block the Light.
“Their” time is nearly up which is why we need to keep our vibrations as high as possible.

Do not fear the outcome as it is  now unlike previous Ages when great floods, fire or catastrophes have occurred at the end times. There are cycles within cycles.  Never for a moment believe that humans can destroy planet Earth, it’s rather the other way round. If we hold the love we have for our planet in our heart, we will transform with her.

Some feel concern that a larger number or greater percentage of the planet’s population, those who still need to ‘Wake Up’ in order to reach what has been called the “critical mass”, are being trapped by the dark activities that are still going on.
The concept behind the “critical mass”, term is that if enough people unite with peace and love in their heart for the good of all, then that will enable Earth to reach her fifth density destination.

In my article: Are we all trapped in an illusion of our own making? I was asking many questions such as:  In my novels humanity is under the influences of “Outer forces” as I call them, but how do they visit us in our reality?tip of the iceberg

What are the physical symptoms of these changes?

For me this is what is today known as the awakening. Our human bodies are composed of several fields, or layers of energies. In my articles about the seven layers of consciousness I explain this in a different way.

the awakening

There are plenty of links that pop up when you want to read what people predict for this year in general. Here are some links.

I have heard many people say: “2014 was the worst year ever, I’m glad it’s over.”  So if that was the same for you, then I wish you all a prosperous and happy 2015.

Most people want to know what this year will bring them on a personal level, some are more family orientated, so they look at their world from the tribal perception and then there are people like me who look at the global issues that we are facing today. It all depends on our own DNA wiring and how we perceive our reality from within the three levels of awareness.

Thanks for reading my post.

Nadine May

2 thoughts on “Predictions for 2015 means – we all need to adapt for a reality shift

  1. Nadine, this was awesome. I share your views and I feel that the good vibrations of people praying and believing can ovecome the evil forces waliking this earth. Your subjects are fascinating and I have one of your books that I’m trying to get to. I will review it when I read it.

    Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

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