Is Earth is a Time-ship, voyaging through galactic time?

When I read:

Earth is a Time-ship, voyaging through galactic time then Every single one of us, whether we are aware of it or not, is a galactic kin upon this Time-ship.

timeship planet earth

We are aboard the Time-ship to learn and practice the planetary art of galactic time. 24 January 2017 might very well be a threshold initiating the passage into a new time. It is at this point that we phase out of a galactic synchronization beam 5,125 years in diameter, and phase into a new beam. In my article: Is ‘Time’ as we experience it an Illusion?

I have questioned that whole debate around this topic that: “Time perception matters because it is the experience of time that grounds us in our physical reality.” Our TIME is related to the gravity level of our planet. More about that in another blog post.

We were transiting from the dis-harmonic 12:60 frequency into the natural 13:20 frequency of synchronization. The Law of Time states that the only way to solve the problems of our planet is through a collective shift of consciousness and the return to natural time.

I knew this to be true. (

Is our world a virtual reality?  

The answer would be: when we are watching TV, or surf the internet, then we are indeed also in a virtual reality world.

The year 2016

At the end of the year 2016 events were getting more and more heated as the awakening process taking place. Opinions, beliefs and just plain simple knowing is becoming more and more important these days as we are all trying to find our way through the information we have and the information we are getting through the many channels.

We all resonate with certain ones and his is partly because we all have a certain path to walk at this time.

How do we all as individuals cope during these times?

Ascension symptoms or symptoms related to this shift that is happening within the energies is hard at times for some and there are so many these days that it is hard to really see what is and what isn’t part of the shifting of our physical body.

  • From my experience and talking to others there are several that seem to be happening more than others. I would always suggest to go see a doctor if you feel uncomfortable with anything that is happening with the physical body. As well as the fact that not everyone is experiencing these symptoms as they are following a different path of adjusting the energies within the physical body.
  1. The first one that is very noticeable for many is the heat within the physical body, almost like a burning up from within while the skin of the body feels cool to the touch.This is the effect of the physical body adjusting to the higher frequencies that it is taking on. As the frequencies of our spiritual bodies are being raised the physical body follows suit, the physical body is usually a little bit behind as it takes a lot more to change the frequency of the physical cells than it takes for the spiritual bodies to adjust.
  2. The other one that is very noticeable for some people is the heart itself, I have noticed that many are feeling this pain in the heart area at times as the physical heart is actually becoming one with the spiritual heart center. This is resulting for some in an irregular heartbeat, a heart beating faster as it is adjusting to the spiritual heart and the higher frequencies. The heart center is expanding and it sometimes feels like the physical heart is becoming bigger as well.
  3. Another one is pain within the bones, especially the knees for most people. Bone is very dense and the knees are the ones that carry the biggest load of the physical body, so it would make sense to me that we feel the transformation there the most.

I have seen explanations of twin flames ( Tulanda and Hans) coming in as it is only a merging  with my own energies while writing my novels. Could it be that what takes place is the physical cells are transforming itself and the physical transformation is producing heat within the physical cells? Adjustments to the new frequencies are taking place in every part of our physical body and there is a lot more that is happening then we usually notice.

        4.The last one I would like to mention is the brain.

Our physical brain.

I was watching a program on TV not that long ago where a scientist was exploring the brain function, and of course how much or what parts of the brain we actually use.

It was said that babies use the full 100% of their brain. The moment they start identifying with the self they go to using about 10% of their brain. is that true? Do We Really Use Only 10% Of Our Brain? ( loved the movie Lucy!)

This brings me back to the time when I started working on my new novel Parallel worlds & realities..What it did was open up other parts in my brain I wasn’t using anymore and allowing the information to come in through parts of my brain that were not trained in a certain belief or thought system, but due to being in a creative writing mode it is often my novel characters who are speaking through me…They are not guides or angels. No they are a section of my consciousness that seem to get through to me while being in a creative mode.

The video above now more than ever makes a lot more sense.

For many the symptoms seem to be a disconnect from their surrounding or feeling disconnected from their surroundings. A feeling your brain is not working and thoughts or concentrating on certain things are almost impossible. Just like every part of the human body the brain is adjusting as well, more parts of the brain are active for some and this is resulting in a feeling that the brain is sort of shut down and doesn’t work.

These are the symptoms I have heard the most and there are many more.

Spiritually there are also many things taking place.

  1. The chakras are changing, they are becoming more unified and merge into the central core. The central core runs all the way from source through the physical body into the earth core. The kundalini energy as it rises curls around the central core to support the unification of the chakras into the central core.

The connection between the physical body and the energy bodies is a very intricate system. There are many systems that connect these two parts of us the most known is the Flower of Life for most people, but there is a lot more that is there that we cannot see most of the time.

All these systems are being adjusted to what some call the divine blueprint.

We have to keep in mind though that the divine blueprint is not up to date to what is happening at this moment and will need some adjustments as well. There is constant adjustments taking place as the process we are going through is new for each being upon earth as well as for the ones guiding us. It is like the never ending process and this is it, we are getting close to what we call the shift and for some it is a great adventure, for others it is a natural process of following the flow without much happening. This process of transformation doesn’t stop after the shift and will continue as more will awaken to the new reality that is being presented to us at this time.

Some are working on the process that is needed to move through this shift and messages about this will not seem important to the ones that are following a different path.Just remember we are all working on different parts of our own process while also working together on the overall process at times. Each person has their own connection to their own source being; from there we all connect into source.

There is no merging with others taking place within the physical body or spiritual bodies. There is only a connection on the highest level or our source being. Some people think we have to merge on every level, but this is something that will actually prevent us from fully stepping into our own power. Our power lies within your own being, it is not within anyone else but you and me.

Realizing that your connection to others lies within the source level and this is where oneness takes place as we all take our rightful place within source.Many and I think it will be about 99%, will not notice anything happening while moving through the galactic core.

As we move closer to the end of this year I expect things to heat up even more.

We are all learning so much in a short time that we seem to go into an overload at times.This is resulting in emotions flying sometimes as we all move back into a balanced system of communication and learning as we all still have so much to learn. All of this is going to take time and we have a playground called earth to learn all this on.

We learn more and more what is behind all the talk as we all move deeper within and learn how to see beyond the words that are in front of us.Treat yourself to reading my first free chapter of the Awakening Clan

Sometimes the words are obvious, sometimes we have to look a bit deeper to find their real meaning. Much of what I have shared is something we cannot touch or see with our physical eyes, but we have the ability to move beyond that and see with our spiritual eyes.

Some will get lost within the stories that are coming from all directions, staying there and that is their path. But remember stories are just that as the real you and me is within Source. The real us is not upon another planet or within another universe.The only real us is Source.




What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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