Reality Shifting times

The Awakening ClanWhy are we republishing this first novel of the Ascension series? I was clearly told that the information that has been with me from the first moment of 1970 was now ready to be included in all the novels. My readers must all know by now that where our attention lies,it is there that we manifest our realities. Well that is what has happened to me in the last three months. My own reality has been shifting at such a fast speed, I will over the coming months share the incidents that need to be exposed for what they are.

Ever since we made this decision last year October my publisher and I started the job of re-editing the first novel of my ascension series The Awakening Clan. Many secret information has now been included and we hope to have this new updated version in print by May / June.


I’ve written an article entitled Reality Shifting Times which includes some predictions about what might happen between 2019 and 2035, ( the new timeline of the novel) mainly on physical aspects I had included in the novels, but I had left out the esoteric,the spiritual and the history of our Solar System in this article. Now Ingrid’s story will be updated and include that planet Earth is a slave planet and that humanity has been given an opportunity to be released from the bondage of electronic mind control. For some it will be a very turbulent period but for many others they will be awakened by the experiences of my characters who belong to the Jaarsma Clan group soul.

The Awakeing Clan / Reality Shifters

Originally this novel’s timeline covered the period from 2012 -2020 and the very first publication of Ingrid’s story came into print in 2001 under the title My Love We Are Going Home.child_book

POWAH, who appears in all the novels, is a celestial guide, and has been with me since 1970, when I clearly heard for the first time a voice outside of myself as if someone was in the room with me. At the time I was not all that knowledgeable about telepathy or other psychic abilities, and it took me many years to digest what had happened to me on that day.

Thirty years later I was clearly instructed to become a creative writer, me a woman born and brought up in Holland and a dyslexic to boot.

Needless to say I questioned these strong intuitive and almost pestering instructions, and began by giving doodling and drawing classes, guided by the images that came to me at all times of the day.

In 1993 I became the owner of a computer, and with the help of a word processor my Art Analog Drawing workshops were typed as a manual what much later became a workbook entitled The Language of Light.

Over a period of five years and after lots of editing my first novel was ready to be published and I started my journey of finding a publisher. I knew that the publisher had to be an individual who would be open to the ideas behind my ascension story, but I often wondered if that might have been too much to ask.

April 2001 a publisher responded to my manuscript and we started to email each other.

IThe Awakening Clan blogn 2003 my novel had to be formatted for the e-book revolution so we changed the title to: The Awakening Clan while the other two books in the series had by then already been published.

Now in February 2017, sixteen years later my own awakening journey has been full of revelations about who we humans truly are and what opportunities are available to us all.

We have free choice as to which direction we are heading. In my article about the three directions people’s outlooks are already a good guidance as to where the majority of people will aspire.  Personal  – Community- and-  Global-Awareness-Levels

In my article  Can we create a better world for future generations?   I’m addressing the the three different leadership groups on our planet, which leads to the following question.  Which of the 3 movements will in the end be chosen by the human population?  1 The New World order  2 Transhumanism or 3 Unity consciousness. My novels clearly leans towards the last option, Unity Consciousness.

In my next blog post I will go deeper into the three movements and how to predict them by recognizing the characteristic personality types that will tip the balance.

Nadine May










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