Publishing Deadlines.

We have made our deadline for the 18th of May with my new Novel The Reality Shifters. What a mission! I do not think that any author has attempted to combine a sizzling romantic plot between twin-flames, a genetic decoding card making workshop, controversial dialogue which some would categorize as conspiracies, and original channeled messages I received about thirty years ago.

Only today at these End Times these messages have become very real for me and hopefully for my readers. Originally I was ahead of my time with this information, although I did try to convey them with the previous publications. Therefore P.O.W.A.H’s information has stayed the same, but the characters have understood them the way I have done as the author. Click on the image below that will take you to Smash-words.  or click here

Free download at Smashwords

Spiritual groups, especially in Facebook and other networks in cyberspace have united many Soul mates from all over the world. Thousands of people who are awakening and sharing their perceptions of our 3D reality has made a great impact and has enriched my own life
I have included links of some individuals or groups where I’m a member of.
T.E.R.C.E.S.  created by Daniel Williams
Colin Joe Byrne An amazing individual
Avalon Sol’s Writings – admin by Tefnut Ua Raet El-Bey

Ever since the ebook technologies arrived both Robin and I tried to deal with the challenges formatting a proper typeset manuscript into ebooks, and over the years the opportunities have improved, but my novel remained a nightmare, mainly because of the many fonts involved. You will see what I mean when you read the book.
The typesetting for this novel into an ebook has been the biggest challenge. Normally I do not get involved in the formatting of a manuscript for the printers and the ebooks, but this time I had to. Due to the intricate language and headings, I needed to use different fonts. We uploaded the ebook file several times.

We both feel that the Kindle version is the best example of the printed book. No matter what size or text the novel was originally typeset in, the formatting at Smash words becomes a whole new ball-game.
I’m glad It’s now all done. Tomorrow on my birthday I’m taking the whole day off away from the office followed by a relaxing weekend.
Tomorrow is the 18th The novel is now a birthday gift from me to all my online family and friends.  Happy reading.

The graphic image from where I derived my book cover from, is published on several print and demand shops.
RedbubbleSociety6Zazzle, and Merch by Amazon to name a few.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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