New Global LAW to Control Humanity

Has Global War Arrived in Cyberspace?

Fake-news Hate speech, Hate crime and illegal materials.
This all has become a real-life problem and since this is a new problem in the age of social media etc, governments struggle and try around to find solutions, but are they? Keep question what is a gender behind it all?

Many people know that lies have been promoted as being the truth for centuries, so what is this new law about? Who decides what is for real and what is fake? Who has the right to be hateful and attack people for what they believe in? We are all different in our ideas, beliefs or perceptions so why not agree to disagree agreeably?
WE ALL should support FREE speech but…this law Richard Dolan talks about in this video is against fake news that seems clearly an attempt to shut down Alternative Media.
All Governments need puppets to try and control the narrative they are willing to scare well-meaning people who share information. This new Law is a great opportunity for Government to control people on the internet. Maybe people aren’t being forced to wear a Star of David, but there are symbolic Stars of David being forced on any who see this new form of global dictatorship as bad.

Thank you, Dolores, for your life’s work which has given so many purposes and helped us become more kind and loving people which is what this world really needs. What we can imagine we can make real.

Wake up, people! Everybody is responsible for their own individual actions and ultimately we are all united! This spiritual truth is so well shown in the movie Avatar how the Tree of Souls – Eywa has the capability to connect directly to the human nervous system.

FREEDOM must be maintained in order for humanity to survive! Support FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
Thanks for visiting my blog on what is happening during our end of times.
Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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