The Revolution of Souls

This is a compelling video. Some will not go along with it, but many cannot deny some of the well-known facts. Is this the beginning of the revolutions of Souls who are now waking up? (Sorry, video was removed)

This video would get people into major trouble ten years ago, but today it is shared over the internet. It seems that many are now coming forward with stories on all previously kept secret topics. Are they like rats escaping the ship? Or do they now feel safe to speak the truth?
My intent through my visionary fiction novels is more to do with the awakening of Incarnating souls who want to evolve and move away from this lower third-dimension level of awareness.
It’s important to remember that every human being is foremost an embodied soul ( or a fragmented part of Soul ) So who are the bad guys?

It’s hard to say; it might even be that the fragmented particles of Soul are within us all. That is why forgiveness is such a powerful tool to address ourselves with before we genuinely can be unconditional towards people who are still asleep or under control due to fear or denial.

Like many other Youtube videos, they are there for all of us to make up our own minds. Be aware and awake at all times.

I’m glad to be alive at these times and will do my best to express my soul’s passion in the only way possible through storytelling.
Love to all.
Nadine May

2 thoughts on “The Revolution of Souls

  1. WOW….I agree with everything that was presented and I stand firmly with the good guys and the changes that are needed on our planet….Let’s make America great again…let’s make the world Great for once 😀

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