The Truth will set us Free!

We are all in for a huge awakening in a very short time. Not all people are ready to hear what they discuss in this video, but for many, being exposed to the information will ring true. This knowledge could and will lead to a transmutation at a cellular level where human DNA is transmuted into a higher state of consciousness. This gradual shift will affect us all physically and prepares our bodies’ vibrational state for ascension. That is what my personal journey has been about from the early eighties. What you learn in this video is very real for me.

I hope this video will NEVER be deleted.

The Shift of Awakening

What we all need to do is forgive and Love ourselves for the past things we have done and been in this school of these lives. This gives us the empathy to forgive and Love each other throughout our planet. It is time to stand up for ourselves and all the other life that gives us life.  Listen and Feel from the heart.

Our Hearts cannot be controlled as our minds can. Know that the vast majority of people on our planet are decent folks. They desire the same things as we do. For their children and our future. There are so few that desire war and death and destruction,,,,,, except when the Big bucks can be made.

  • We all want the Truth and we must live it to bring it forth. It starts we each of us first.
  • We are all powerful beings that have been lead to believe we are not.
  • We are not little tiny specks of nothing in an infinite universe.
  • We are the Universe and we are each other, we are One.
  • We all need to work together to bring our planet and our lives back into balance as the Paradise it has been and as our own species has disrespected and raped.
  • We can do this and so much more than we can imagine.
  • We are well over 7 billion strong and have the capability to change all these things that are out of balance.
  • We can change everything. let’s all unplug from the lies and plug onto Earth’s love. Let’s all go to a higher dimension of love an peace.

Please place those flaws we all have aside for the good and for the future. Seems impossible but it is not out of reach.

Thanks to you all and I wish wonderful lives for all life.

Nadine May


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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