Where Our Attention Goes Is What We Attract

Our minds are very stimulated by what we, feel, hear and observe outside of ourselves. That applies to anything we watch on TV or on the internet. The attention people give to what goes on in social media is an example. There we can join groups that hold our interest. The topics are endless.

We can use this information in two ways. 

The first way is to understand ourselves and our needs better. After all, if we knew why some things capture our attention then we would quickly be able to figure out our core needs and the things that matter to our subconscious mind the most.
From childhood, I was always questioning why. Why are we born, why are people dying, why do we grow old, why is the world good for some but so horrible for others?
Actually, I still do question, but over many years, I have learned a great deal. One powerful truth for me is the following: being in the present is the most important. While we are meditating with no outside focus, or while we are focused on something that has our passion, both the direction of our attention is what will manifest the reality we shape around ourselves.

The second way how we can use this information is to capture the attention of others. Whether we are selling a product or just trying to attract someone that we like, or anything that we want to experience in life, we will need to find out what grabs the attention of our target. Each person has different needs and because of these differences what attracts a person might not attract the other. This is why the best way to attract someone to us is to first understand them.

Those two ways are closely related to our core needs.
There seems to be a certain algorithm that runs in our brain whenever we see something. For example, if an image, photo or a video clip streams past on the internet, catches our attention and seems useful, our brain will make us more interested in it or in other words this thing will direct our attention even more.

The advertising business and journalists know this very well. Politicians especially using this knowledge to their advantage.

What makes you feel happy?

  • Energy flows where attention goes.
  • What we focus on expands.
  • What we empower, we attract.

Know ourselves

My intent is to make a difference in my life and to others, meaning whatever I came here to do, or why I was born, that is what drives me.

  • What we love, we empower.
  • What we fear, we empower.
  • What we empower, you attract.

Emotions like love, fear, gratitude and anger are highly energized states and all have potent creative power.
My own lesson was to shift my focus to the things I could afford. Drawing doodling and reading were my pastimes.
I love reading stories that inspire me, so I wanted to become a storyteller, to inspire others, but before I ever attempted to write my first novel, I became an art therapy teacher.
Teaching people to draw and how to observe something become the hidden gem in my subsequent Art therapy classes.
I learned that people can access their own inner subconscious through doodling.
By discovering exercises for my students who needed to bring out their inner child, and for them to reach out to their higher selves by doodling thoughts on paper, became a full-time job in the nineties.
The video showed the birth of the language of Light workbook.

Today I’m busy with a large project that is connected to my workbook on the language of Light. That each person could do there own Are therapy work at home and if drawn to this work, with the help of the Language of Light workbook, they could start there own doodle workshop business.

At the same time, I’m busy on a WordPress blog for this project, so I can then publish the articles that I have written on each of the soul qualities, and what effect they have and how these quality vibrations can influence our reality.
Soon the first three journals on the Base, Sacral and the Solar Plexus Chakras are uploaded to Amazon and on our own website. After a month or so many inside pages can be viewed.

The artwork that has been created for this projects, like the journal cover design and the watermarks inside the full-color doodle journals plus the individual soul quality symbol cards for each of the seven chakras are also published on many P.O.D products with redbubble, artsadd, society6, Zazzle, RageOn and Live Heroes.


My reality is a happy one, especially by having the opportunity to publish most of the artwork that has been and is still is created for this project on P.O.D products around the world.
The opportunities for any creative individual are endless.

  • Rather about our blessings more than our burdens.
  • Focus on what we want, not on what we do not have
  • Promote what we love instead of bashing what we dislike

What we can imagine we can make real!
Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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