What is Real Abundance?

It’s such a cliche, but true: money cannot buy Happiness, but with all the festive season wishes,but with all the festive season wishes for a happy Christmas and a New Year that is streaming past the social media, Apart from eating more than usual, like this adorable Christmas cake, shopping for Christmas gifts seems to be the major activity during the last week of the year.

Many people are also putting themselves into debt during these festive seasons. When mid-January has arrived, the banks are expecting their interest payments, so the dream of feeling abundant is often challenged.

It is also very clear that Christmas is the time of the year when all faiths put away their beliefs and celebrate paganism. Not all religious people know or are aware of that, but at least some kind of united brotherhood is felt as thousands prepare to celebrate the Summer Solstice between June 20-21 in the Northern Hemisphere, and December 21-22 in the Southern Hemisphere.

Lets get back to what is Real Abundance?

Abundance is not Money. Real wealth begins with Conscious awareness. Yes, I have to admit that I’m just as guilty to occasionally buying a lottery ticket, but often I wondered how much would win a lot of money change my daily life? Winning a lottery jackpot can also have some unwanted side effects. It seems that the tax man takes a huge portion before the winning numbers have to be split between other lottery players. If many people know about the winnings, it can also become unpleasant. Again having suddenly lots of money does not create happiness.

For me that means:
“EVERY aspect of life is Infinite in nature and equally available to any who are willing to discover and develop their ability to begin consciously choosing WHATEVER it might be that they have a desire to experience.”
What we can imagine we can make real. That applies to every aspect of our lives.

For some, wealth and abundance may be “perceived” as having a lot of money, but as I said before having a lot of + numbers in our bank account is not real wealth.

What is Real Wealth?

We human beings all manifest from our subconscious, (this is were our programmed beliefs are stored) If we can reprogram the believes and habit-forming patterns we hang onto, then it not only possible but quite literally we can totally change the reality we dreamed of as a small child before we grew up. ( were our full potentials are unconsciously stored)

How can we know where we might sabotage ourselves?

I like to break down the five aspects of our lives by asking questions to do with (1) the work we do, (2) the free time we have, (3 ) our ability to purchase all our needs, (4 ) our relationships, ( 5)  our physical, emotional and mental health.

Understand the power of our three levels of manifesting powers.

  1. Our consciousness (at the present moment)
  2. Our sub-conscience (where we have stored all the programmed believes to do with the cultures we grue up in)
  3. Our unconscious ( where the superpowers of the divine child lie dormant)

The 5 questions

  1. In the workplace: Are you passionate about the type of work you do and find it not only financially rewarding but fulfilling?
    Yes – No
  2. Your free time: Do you have ample time to do all the things that you really enjoy and are passionate about doing?
    Yes – No
  3. Your buying power: Do you have enough money to do the things that you want, when you want?
    Yes – No
  4. Relationships: Do you enjoy wholesome, fulfilling and deeply satisfying relationships?
    Yes – No
  5. Physical body: Are you experiencing vibrant and robust physical health?
    Yes – No

In EVERY aspect of your life…..Physically, Financially, Relation ally, Emotionally, AND Spiritually a conscious choice has to be made.

Before we were born, we wanted to experience that our wishes, our most heartfelt dreams and desires in EVERY aspect of this life would be achieved. Its our Soul purpose to awaken to our true divine power. The aim of my doodle journals that are a connection to my workbook on the Language of Light, the language of our soul, are art therapy guide journals. Through simply doodling out our deepest often repressed built-up experiences through our seven chakra’s, we are allowing the divine child within to come and play.

  • The First step to achieving TRUE abundance in our life is establishing and attaining the correct awareness as to what “Real Wealth” and abundance is.
  • The Second step is developing the necessary beliefs that will make it possible for us all to attain and making the conscious choices. 
  • The Third step is to expand our awareness with the “correct” knowledge that will enable and empower us to begin consciously focusing on “desired” outcomes which will become a reality in our lives.
  • The Fourth and Fifth step is to experience that: What we can image we can make real!

Nadine May


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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