The Hidden Truth

  • What secret is behind all the false flags and the denials behind UFO sightings? ( click at the video link below)
  • Why the disinformation? If we are actually living in a fabricated hologram and we are the players, who were the creators of our planet Earth Hologram?

That last question is what I feel is behind all the fake news. They are trying to disqualify something…but what and… Why?

Could it be that ‘all’ the religious scriptures will then also fall under the false flag information? Imagine what will happen if that were be true?

Read more about this amazing story:

Our brain does give us limited cognitive abilities and local memory. Mainstream science and their rigid, materialistic view of the Universe keeps preaching for us to believe that consciousness arises from the operation of the brain.

Lets Explore the Hologram Idea

Yes, our higher consciousness exists in the field and our brain functions as a receiver. In fact, consciousness is all the Universes, everything seen and unseen, it’s everything large and small. Consciousness is “thought forms” inside the cosmic mind. Our consciousness creates our reality meaning we create our reality with our thoughts and beliefs. This is how the Universe works…Even some scientist have come to this conclusion. Its the observer us, that are the creators of our own reality.

Where did we come from?

Wake up, people! We are watching a movie that is all around us, but “they” want to hide this truth from everybody, but the exposure due to the internet and videos like these are allowed to be published because it’s NOT dealing with the real truth!
What does happen to the people who have seen UFOs is that they start questioning what they were observing.

Prepare yourself for the exposure of the far more bizarre mysteries that have been hidden to the Earth’s population.
This video ( ) questions the source of the many UFO mysteries, but there is a lot more that is not being shown. They can’t, not yet.
Author of the Reality Shifters.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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