All the World is a Stage

We are all Actors on this Stage and every encounter within it is significant … whether we see the significance or not.

Human beings are the Actors who play the human game on planet Earth. We have been playing that game for many centuries, and now is the time to awaken by moving away from this corrupt script.
I would much rather concern myself with spiritual matters and the natural ancient human history. Still, it seems history is being made right now, and I really want to follow the play well enough not to be shocked by anything . . . so bear with me!

This video I have included is well worth watching before reading on…( sorry taken down)

What Does A Global Shutdown Mean?

It means returning to the old form of government run by Common Law. No more “modern money mechanics” debt-based slavery. No more Paying interest on money that was printed out of thin air.
New Gold Backed money coming soon.

Common Law means. No more "modern money mechanics" debt based slavery. No more Paying interest on money that was printed out of thin air.

( President J F K two weeks before he was assassinated, planned to do away with the Federal Reserve Bank and the US dollar would be backed by silver and gold. I believe this was the cause or reason for JFK ‘s death.)
Merry Terry left a very informative comment below the video.

She says:
“China already foreclosed on the FED and the US Govt. Both are out of business.
“The USA is finally rid of the IRS and the FED. Sales Tax only.
“INCOME Tax is outlawed.
“Common Law banks coming to your town soon. (Don’t be fooled by the Dems. They are not impeaching Trump. They can’t, the govt is permanently shut down.)
“The Military is in the middle of performing tribunals in GITMO, the military is filming all the military trials, to be released later.
“Trump says you will be surprised at the names of the people involved, who were doing paedophile crimes as well as Treason & Sedition.
“Many have already been put to death. Notice you don’t see them anymore in the news or giving speeches. They are gone.
“Military will release the videos later on.
“Military is in charge during a national emergency of Bankruptcy, caused by the past 80 years of politicians – pigs eating from the troth, unlimited spending, funding aliens for free, free college, food stamps, free section 8 housing, free medical, free baby births.
“This is why the wall must go up. Without any barrier, there is no USA.
“They all committed Treason bankrupting America.
“The military fully supports Trump in handling this Bankruptcy.

“Donald Trump is the most experienced at Bankruptcy & has 52 yrs experience in business & negotiations.”
“Obama, the Clintons, Bushes, Sanders and Warren are CLUELESS at handling Bankruptcy. They are a joke. Brain dead. Incompetent. All they know how to do is rob the Treasury cha-ching 24-7. The party is over. No more. Done.

Nikola Tesla – John Trump

This is an interesting video ( Sadly the video was taken down on youtube – wonder why) and it makes one think about time travel because when Nikola Tesla died, John Trump searched Tesla’s room for his work. The first half of this was absolutely fascinating, with too much synchronicity to deny. At the end of the video, the Government shutdown is brought to the world’s attention.

“The New Republic, Common Law, Free energy technology. It is actually an exciting and wonderful time to be alive.”
“Embrace it and enjoy the life you were meant to live.”

The miracle is unfolding; the next reality is what we are creating. Anyone who loves America and wants to see it rise to any hope of a viable future should stop sending negative energy to President Trump.
Donald Trump has proven he can take it, but the energy is growing, and it will reach a critical mass and do what energy does when it reaches a critical mass: it will explode. If America falls it will be because its citizens allowed the hostile forces in themselves to gather into tornados of negativity.
Nicola Tesla said, “If you want to understand the secrets of the world, think in terms of frequency & vibration.“
My GOOD bless America!

Some people here in South Africa support America and the New Alliance Team.
My last note:
In the Universe, everything functions in cycles. All life and the Universe obey two laws… The law of cycles and the rule of hierarchy is the path of Ascension. (Read the article on the photon belt)
Nadine May

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