Who Are The Reality Shifters?

Evolution of Consciousness

What does it take to shift our physical reality?
This article has been written while I have a human experience in a 3D reality, so what does that mean?

( For me, it means that all Human beings are divine spirit sparks having a human experience. )

Many who in the past would say: “Seeing is believing and until you show me, I won’t believe.” are now awakening to the idea that they might have been unaware. They are the people who are moving from a second to third-dimensional consciousness towards the fifth level where manifestations become a reality.

The beginning of the Humanoid form. A Pleiadian message through Teri Wade
The Reality Shifters blog

Were we the gods that wanted to explore a physical realm, not knowing we would forget who we were?

( It’s my inner knowing that many of us are, but at the same time we are ready to elevate ourselves from this lower third-dimensional reality.)

I always questioned from a young age why I was born on this planet age. Why was I so different? Sadly most people cannot see through the lens of what actually is. Instead, they prefer to see what they have been taught, trained and indoctrinated to see. They will probably also not read this article.
My own awakening came in stages from reading books that would never have been found on my parent’s bookshelves.
My own conclusion to the question is YES we have made that choice at one stage, but that could have been many centuries ago. See the image below with link to the posts on the history of Earth.

The beginning of the Humanoid form. A Pleiadian message through Teri Wade
The History Of Earth

The Mindset of an Awakening Individual.

Do we live in a virtual holographic program specially created for us?
(For me that is a “yes”.)
People who are following what is called an ascension journey have a similar mindset. The realization that our reality is an illusion ( from the workbook a course of miracles) goes to great lengths to explain this idea.

Is every human being responsible for their own awakening?

(Yes. Each individual can only awaken to their own true I Am spirit spark through their higher self.)

Sharing ideas through storytelling, like creating a vision board with words is the purpose of my creative writing, and it still is; awakening readers to become the Reality Shifters I was shown so many years ago.

Manifesting Means Taking Action.

It took me five years to write my first novel: My Love We Are Going Home. and ended up attracting what I had written about. In 2007 the novel was republished under the title: the Awakening Clan and in 2018 this novel has grown into a Reality Shifting novel.

The Three Levels of Consciousness.

This following question were asked on a video from the TV channel https://www.gaia.com titled iGOD

Amazing the different perceptions that were shared when the following question were asked.
What does God want?
Are Judged by God after we Die?
Are we One with God?

Listening to this video will give you, the reader, a good idea what the three levels of human consciousness are still today.

2nd consciousness levels of perceptions:

1 – “There is nothing out there, no God. when I die I’m gone.”

2- “Yes, we are born in sin and yes God will punish us if we do not listen to him, that is what God wants. Jesus died for us, and when we drink the blood of God’s son, we will be saved and go to heaven, if not we will go to hell”. ( a christian philosophy, since that happened to be my background)

3- No. Only people who follow my beliefs will go to heaven. (Fundamental religious people feel as separate anyone who is not of the same faith as them.) They cannot feel a oneness with all human beings.

60% of Earth population fits into this category.

3rd consciousness level of perception:

1- No, I do not know what God wants of me. I’m a human being who sometimes has a spiritual experience, but that is all.

2- Yes, but my religious faith will teach me to be a good person before I die, so I will try to be good and the lord will forgive me.

3- I’m a child of god, so no, not everybody believes in a God so how can I be. one with them?

30% of Earth population see their reality from this mindset.

5th level of Consciousness awareness level.

1- God is pure energy and wants to express its highest potential through me.

2- I’m a spiritual being having a human experience so I can never truly die. We are our own judges.

3- Yes, every human being is a spirit spark from the one supreme energy being. We are all united in spirit.

10% of our population falls under this mindset. The 5th level of awareness are the Reality Sifters.

This TV channel offers many videos never viewed on our mainstream TV channels. Well worth signing up for.
It offers the latest resource of consciousness expanding videos.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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