How Can Doodling Activate Our Higher Consciousness?

Let me explain how I have understood it to work. At the fundamental level, the universe is a space and place that consists of 99.9% waves of light and sound. What we think of as “space” is filled by light and sound waves, and the first thing to understand is that waves move in patterns and particular ways and both carry information.

The illusion of our physical reality

I have seen solid physical forms, people in a busy Los Angeles airport, who all in a split second changed into moving sea of colors. The moment my mind interpreted what I saw, it changed back to lots of people who were all waiting for flights.
That was an A-Ha moment for me.
I knew and understood how and why my art therapy ( I called Art-analogue symbolism) worked. We are all waves and pulsating particles of colors and light.

Doodling is a form of expression that comes from deep within.

Through doodling on the higher self Language of Light project, we are working with our 7 on the body Chakras. There are far more: We have 15 in the soul body. 7 on the body” The 8th and 9th Chakras pass through the Pineal gland from above the ears and through our brains. In later work on the body codes of light, we work with 15 soul body energy channels.

Creating a card making project

Last year I started to typeset the language of Light Chakra journals in full color. The first three: the Base, Sacral and Solar-plexus Chakra journals are for sale at Amazon but at the start of the lock-down in March 2020, I started to upload the PDF files of the Base Chakra journal in stages.

The first two soul quality doodle exercises to download are: Soul quality of Forgiveness and Perseverance.

Followed by the other pages that explains about the Soul Qualities within the Base Chakra of the third and fourth initiation Symbols: Perseverance and of Purpose.

On the following page I have add the Fifth and Sixth initiation Symbols of Friendship and Global Unity


The following, last blog pages of the Base Chakra doodling journal includes a Base Chakra Meditation on pages 86 and 87 for anyone to write down their feeling words of a spinning Base Chakra.
Pages 85 – 108 includes the templates of several cards explaining what your Earth Power feels like with a card template for anyone to color in.
Inside my journals, I included the online P.O.D products that have been decorated with my own artwork. Anyone who is interested to have their artwork printed on these products must get in contact with me. Either through Zazzle – or leave a message below this page.

Happy doodling while activating your Higher Consciousness grounding cord into Planet Earth.

This link takes you to my Language of Light blog where I will post more information on the Art analogue vibration cotes of Creation.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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