How Can Doodling Activate Our Higher Consciousness?

Let me explain how I have understood it to work. At the fundamental level, the universe is a space and place that consists of 99.9% waves of light and sound. What we think of as “space” is filled with light and sound waves, and the first thing to understand is that waves move in patterns and particular ways, and both carry information. These patterns are timelines or streams of consciousness, connecting us to the cosmos. Timelines are NOW determined by the vibrational frequency you resonate within. The Choice is ours, always in All Ways.

The illusion of our physical reality

One time, while at a bustling airport in Los Angeles, I witnessed a strange phenomenon. The individuals around me suddenly transformed into a vibrant array of colours before returning to their original forms in an instant. This experience was an eye-opener for me, as it helped me comprehend the efficacy of my art therapy method, which I refer to as Art-analogue symbolism. I realized that we are all comprised of pulsating particles of light and colour, similar to waves.

Doodling is a form of expression that comes from deep within.

The Higher Self Language of Light project uses doodling to explore our inner selves and work with the seven Chakras within our bodies. It’s also essential to consider the fifteen Chakras within our soul star body. Seven of these energy portals create the aura – the rainbow light body present in every human being. The eighth and ninth Chakras extend through the Pineal gland, passing above our ears and through our brains. As we delve into the body codes of light, we also work with the energies of all fifteen soul star body Chakras.

I’m working on a card-making project.

Last year, I started typesetting the Language of Light Chakra journals in full colour. The first three journals, which concentrate on the Base, Sacral, and Solar-Plexus Chakras, are currently available for purchase on Amazon. However, due to the lockdown that commenced in March 2020, I have been progressively uploading the PDF files of the Base Chakra journal.

The first two soul quality doodle exercises to download are; Soul qualities of Forgiveness and Perseverance. Followed by the other pages that explain the Soul Qualities within the Base Chakra of the third and fourth initiation Symbols: Perseverance and of Purpose.

On the next blog page, I have added the Fifth and Sixth initiation Symbols of Friendship and Global Unity


The topic of this text is about utilizing the last few pages of the Base Chakra doodling journal for meditation and expressing one’s feelings about their spinning Base Chakra. Card templates are available that describe Earth Power and can be coloured in. The author has also included some of their artwork on online P.O.D products and can be contacted through Zazzle for more information.

Happy doodling while activating your Higher Consciousness grounding cord into Planet Earth.

This link takes you to my Language of Light blog where I will post more information on the Art analogue vibration cotes of Creation.

Yes, even through our inward journey, by Doodling our inner throughs, feelings, emotions and perceptions or beliefs, we can actively trigger a higher awakening.
Sometimes we can tap into an energy that is always present but not always accessible. Our ability to perceive and transmit this energy is expanding during these moments. It’s as if a portal has opened, and we can align ourselves with this powerful force. This connection is natural, and we can receive, decode, and transmit this energy in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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