The Corona Pandemic – Largest False Flag

I listened to the video I shared below in absolute amazement. Right from the start I knew intuitively that this world-wild pandemic was a hoax, but to be shown that it was already planned for 50 years was stunning information!
It’s all coming out! This ‘corona’…is the largest false flag operation ever! Wow! How this man shows a map with links all found on the
World Economic Forum.
I always wondered why this forum seems to get so much coverage, but now, after seeing this video it all makes sense.

All about 5G and how to get rid of the poor and older population and a whole lot more! Do yourself a favor if you are not yet convinced
“It is easier to fool the people, then to convince the people they’ve been fooled”

I wrote this article on the 20th of March, before the Lock-down in South Africa.

Wings in the Darkness & Collapse of the Old Order.

I’ve been a follower of both Laura Eisenhower and Magenta Pixie and shared their video Wings of Darkness onto my Facebook page, but it disappeared.
In this video they hold in an organic discussion regarding fear paradigms, coping with lock-down and quarantine.
How the world population is being split by the trapping of the false matrix.

In case this video is taken down here is the link to their online page

I do share a lot of controversial posts, especially during this worldwide lock-down on my Facebook profile page. Words have powerful energies and some ( No names mentioned) use these to trigger these rather low-level frequencies. Please question why! Who benefits? We need to raise our frequencies if we want to create a better world. We all need to do our part!

Which World Path Will You Choose?

The dark agenda of a New World Order, or the direction of unity consciousness devotion to the higher self, heart-centered alignment, cosmic law and ascension.

A World Without Money

In a world where all the lakes,oceans,rivers and waterways are restored to purity, as well as soil and farmland. We will cease using toxic chemicals on our food, pharmaceutical companies will be dismantled, holistic healing practices will be the norm, governments will be eradicated and the people of each nation will govern themselves.

This is the vision I hold onto. That does not mean I go into denial about what is really going on in this illusionary world we are all trapped in…but not for long anymore. The real truth will come out. More and more people have learned or awakened what they want for themselves.

Big changes are coming for us humans, and the manipulators of Humanity are terrified of this inevitable reality.

Thanks for reading my post.
Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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