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What is Happening Around the World? – Is the Internet our “Tower of Babel”? – We, Humans, are Frequency Anchors – The Golden Age – From Darkness into the Light – The process of Awakening to Ascend – Conclusion

I have not written a blog post for a while, been busy with many other tasks. Last year my computer was hacked by using Dropbox, so I lost all the PDF files of my novels, including research work. My manuscripts were typeset into Ventura 10, a Coral publishing program that we cannot use anymore unless we are willing to pay a fortune each month.

Because my publisher is retiring ( due to ill health) all the book files will be uploaded to Denmark to the new publishing house where Kima Globel will become an imprint.

I was helped by our IT guy to copy all my writing text files to re-typeset my novels into Microsoft Publisher. What a job. Still busy with Vanishing Worlds. Then I had to tackle the Language of Light journal PDFs that were not yet published in PDF files. It has allowed me to redesign new covers for my ascension series.

Is the Internet our “Tower of Babel”?

In a way, it can be. It all depends on what everybody is following, interested in or what we investigate.
But, It helps us reconnect again no matter what language we speak. We have become one by sharing data and moving effortlessly through time and space. One must look at time from a spherical point of view. There is no past or future; only perspective timeline matters.

We, humans, never really go into the past or future. It’s about shifting belief structures. We live in a timeline where vibrational consciousness reaches a new, higher physical existence in another dimension. That means many are already shifting to another reality or a Parallel Reality, meaning our thoughts must match our consciousness’ belief structure. Our thoughts and feelings have to check energetically to align with higher dimensional realities. Therefore writing visionary fiction is a great help to me. They are my vision boards, and at the same time, through my characters, I deal with unresolved issues that keep us in a lower reality through story writing.

We, Humans, are Frequency Anchors 

The frequency we align with determines the reality we create for ourselves. Unfortunately, low-frequency fields prevalent in our 3D Earth can crush our spirits. However, those of us striving to overcome these vibrations pave the way for others to follow. Our love for the light, which encompasses higher knowledge and frequencies that activate our common sense, intuition, insight, and wisdom, creates resistance against those promoting low-frequency fields. Although a social engineering agenda exists to suppress the masses and turn them into obedient followers, many are now seeking answers as they suffer the consequences.

They are Awakening!
Many are, but it’s also a stressful time for us all. These higher frequencies are burning away everything false. We’re transitioning into a future time. But……Remember, not everything is predestined because of free will, but each individual must make a decision for themselves as to which pathway they will choose. Do not just follow others; make your own decision.

From Darkness into the Light

This agenda of the Illuminati, the cabal, the deep state or whatever name we use, their ultimate goal is anchoring humanity’s frequency in a 3D survival mindset. We live in a reality of engineered events, and nothing is random in our 3D world. They want us ignorant, obedient, scared, etc. when we are most vulnerable. They know precisely what they’re doing. They create the right frequency to create a hive mind following and the need for authority so people will search for outside solutions through evil leaders and, more importantly, to keep us from our inner guidance. Gigi Young talks about the eight spheres around the planet.
Our inner guidance is our ULTIMATE AUTHORITY, which only has our best interest in mind. So your best bet is to listen to her excellent explanation in her video.

The eighth sphere stands between us and the higher realms. And it does this so we can have our darkness mirrored. So that we can confront ourselves…so that we can confront whatever is in us that is not Of God

The Golden Age

What we’re seeing and experiencing now is a uniting resonating force at a higher frequency. We are gravitating toward each other, primarily online. Many of us have to love but leave our family and friends behind.
While this resonance and areas of matched frequency continue, there will be hubs across the globe of ascending and descending realities. This will cause massive challenges in the external world because so many are not aware of the cosmic shift that is going on.
It’s an attraction of gathering realities that are spreading throughout our planet. “They” never had a chance with this expansion of consciousness working against them, and they know it.
Even with all their control over the media, money and information, they have not been able to stop the Great Awakening. Truthfully, they never had a chance with this expansion of consciousness working against them.

The Process of Awakening to Ascend

How do you know if you’re ready?

When you are ready to transform your ego into a healthy vessel, do not destroy it, as some distorted religions teach. We all need to surrender and let Spirit work through us so we are not influenced by external suggestions and internal conditioning. If we are, this could result in us mimicking mechanical and reactive behaviours.
The process of Awakening cannot be rushed. It is incredibly complex. That is why I was guided to write 5 novels that deal with the 5 stages of awakening.

I was also guided to create the tools for the End of Time through simple activities like doodling.
Each Chakra is a Portal ( think of the series: Stargate). We have 7 significant portals through which we can enhance our needed higher frequencies soul qualities tools. The video below was from twelve years ago.


Humanity is divided on a scale like never before. Two old movies already predicting the times we are living in now, titled: 1984 and Soylent Green (Neither I could finish watching), are relatively close; even the mask-wearing plot was included!. That proves his ‘agenda’ has been going on for a long time.
I’m grateful to be living during these times. May the peace that passes all understanding fill your heart this day. May your eyes, ears and your heart be awakened.
Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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