2020 (22) is a Power Number!

Dates of my publications

I will share the visions I never understood so many years ago…I was around 35 when that one-time vision happened and when this photo was taken. ( written about in book 2 of the Self-Employed housewife.)

Now I understand a lot more what the visions of a futuristic world might be like and why I had to use 22 chapters and 22 tablet excepts from POWAH within my novels. This was the message that would start to become a reality from the year 2022. ( my novels were ahead of their times.)
Due to my research and what is happening today, I’ve interpreted my one-time visions below. It’s not a prediction, just a summing up of having had a glimpse into a kind of looking glass!
Each image of me at 35 with my publications is like an awaking stage over 37 years.

Interpretations – not Predictions!

1) 2021 will be the start of our 3D reality where magnetic power will gradually take over. ( no idea how but I’m no scientist) the book by Carl van Vlierden titled: the 12 Planets Speak talks about invisible magnetic fields and the Q groups on Earth!)


(2) No more pharmaceutical drugs will be allowed, instead, new devices with great healing properties will replace all equipment in hospitals and clinics. No more illnesses. ( What we can imagine we can make real)

(3) All our electric appliances and electronics will be replaced and will run unlimited on magnetic power. ( no more electricity bills)

(4) Air travel, or travelling in space will open humanity to many possibilities only dreamed of.
( 5) No more banking systems that we know of today will exist. ( I wrote in my novels about community living where people’s skills and talents are the currencies.)
(6) Our psychic abilities will gradually re-awaken, starting in many who experience a telepathic interaction ( written about in my novels)

More and more people are awakening

6) Before this will come to pass, the Light will expose the darkness within us all, (not only the very dark people that are, and will be exposed.)
(7) Many disclosures will be traumatic emotionally, but there is light at the end of our illusionary reality tunnel. We are in for a very bumpy ride!

Thanks for reading my post.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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