How do the Hidden Histories of Planet Earth Effect us today?

For the last few days I have done some article writing for my two main writing sites. These articles are the results of my research for my novel titled: Parallel Realities that I’m writing at the moment. Lets start at the beginning and find out about:

The Hidden Histories of Planet Earth

The Babylonian creation myth, but was it truly a myth

The Terra papers

When I heard for the first time, in 1990 that humans were genetically created by an alien race during a weekend workshop with Marietjie Venter , it took me some time to digest this all.

Today the research for my fifth novel ; Parallel RealitiesTulanda’s journal, has finally brought me back  to 1974, when I was introduced for the first time to the idea that there are Parallel Universes. In the following article I share what I’ve discovered so far…

Are there any Parallel Worlds & Realities?

tip of the icebergFor many years I have looked for proof about what I was then told to write under the Visionary fiction topic. My research took me on a fantastic journey, while learning about…

The LEMURIAN and ATLANTIAN Civilizations

with more information on the Root Races.

Awakening thought my characters from the Jaarsma Clan


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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