Our Economy Meltdown, true or false?

The new year has truly brought some videos out of the woodwork due to the prophecies coming up for fulfillment. When you watch this movie it’s very alarming, but how real is the world we live in?  By that I mean if humanity is creating (as a united global consciousness energy field) the physical reality we individually experience, should we then as individuals give this prophecy any power? When you watch the video keep your energy field closed. I have looked at the video but my vision for our world, our reality is nothing like the video expresses.

Now that you have seen this video, I thought that the text that states: the real end of the world will occur around the 4th of March this year is ridiculous. CHANGE  OF CURRENCY DOESN’T MEAN THE END OF THE WORLD!
This video was publish in 2012. Is this disinformation?

From the time we were born, we came to a conclusion about who we were by how the people in our life treated us, and the things that happened to us on a daily basis. With the often erroneous interpretations we made about our life through our limited consciousness, we developed a sense of identity that is based in low self-esteem, unworthiness, and failure consciousness. That distorted belief about who we are was recorded in our etheric records and our subconscious mind and has influenced every facet of our existence to this very day. No matter how hard we try to improve our life, it is impossible for us to transform our life into what we want it to be while holding those erroneous beliefs, actually lies, about ourselves.
From Patricia Cota_Robles

The following video is about someone who I can relate to. Many of us are holding the vision of a world where everybody has been given the opportunity to enjoy abundance in every way in a world where money is no more! What would a Money-less society be like? 

I doubt that the powers that be will take any notice! They are not interested in truth because they are based on power lies and deception. But we all need to do something.  I prefer to see the positive here. We all need to hold a united vision. A new paradigm is needed something new and unless consciousness is transformed nothing changes. People from Italy, South Africa, Brazil, Ireland, Belgium, the UK, Mexico, Norway, Egypt, The Philippines, Turkey, Romania, Sweden, New Zealand, Poland, India, Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Malaysia, Hungary, Japan, Greece, Colombia, Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, Canada, Portugal and more have already signed and shared the petition to “The World’s Leaders: Tell Us the Truth in 2014“.

May the visions you hold dear for our planet and everyone on it be a prosperous one for all.

May the visions you hold dear for our planet and everyone on it be a prosperous one for all.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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