Can our imagination skills set us free?

When I wrote that article – Can our imagination skills set us free? I wrote it with the following intent in mind.

is our world fiction

Free from What?

Some might ask themselves.

What does it really mean to be Free?ascension1Knowing the answers to the following questions:

Or by reading about the Hidden Histories of Planet Earth, would that trigger a genetic memory within me that will awaken me to my own FREEDOM?

My answer would be YES!

Many of us today are exploring life and concepts and would like some answers to the above question.  Having an open mind is our first requirement if we go exploring the internet today, but its an altogether mind boggling journey. All of us must be discerning at all times whatever we read in the internet, in books or what we learn from others.
That is what I try to do with my articles and my Visionary fiction novels. My intent is trigger an awakening, first in myself by writing the article, (and the novels) and secondly to trigger a soul awakening in others.

The following intent in mind is that:

I believe that we all individually have a piece of the puzzle hidden in our subconscious (about truth), and by adding our puzzle piece in the form of a comment below the very article we read, the next reader of that article might get an “A Ha” after they read the comments… That is how we each will awaken to our own understanding of freedom.



What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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