Eyes wide shut – Now is the time to Wake UP!

Wake up people!  Please take note that our reality on Planet Earth is creating a limitation in human beings due to our in abilities to perceive the vastness of time. Our limiting narrow-minded perspective on the world around us has preventing many of us from recognizing our true full potential.

Awakening beyond time

Are we trapped into a mental program?

Do our eyes only see what our minds can comprehend?  Often scientific discovery and theory are riddled with falsehood and disinformation. For a non-scientist this is often difficult to admit to, but it’s our intuitive awareness that will tell you that often scientists are misleading the public because orthodox historians would prefer not to have their reputations tarnished when more information is revealed.

The movie “Eyes wide Shut” a 1999 American drama film based upon Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Dream Story, had a lot of truth hidden within the plot, but for many we know it was revealing the truth about what has been going on for centuries! Nicole Kidman plays an excellent role.

Is there a Cosmic Code we need to unravel?

For me it is quite plausible that an advanced super-human race, the Anunnaki, were capable of space travel half a million years ago. They probably started to add a virus within our genetic DNA in order to desensitize the human population in order to keep control. Have you ever questioned:

What does Armageddon look like?

Is there a dark force that is desensitizing humanity?
What leaders will we produce in 20 years time if children are growing up desensitized? Some people have to become desensitized to be able to perform their duties, such as soldiers and anyone in the medical field.  I know personally that if I allow this to happen to me, I have lost something, something I will never see again.  Listen to what David Icke has to say about it all.

My understanding has embraced as truth that every human Soul will be tethered to the level of conscious awareness according to their soul purpose under the Law of the Universe, which is the law of love, understanding and unity. Only then do the different planes of our existence make sense.
the 7 main realms or planes of existence

Please read this fantastic article by Daniel Williams

The Event, Is It The Sign We Have All Been Waiting For?

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  1. This material is SO imperative to get out into the world. congratulations on making the effort and phrasing it all so well.

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