Times of the Quickening

The last day of March. Time does seem to fly by, but does it?  Its my feeling that time has created a different meaning for me ever since the internet came into being. Words like, social media, forums,cyberspace, and networking are all terms to do with the internet, so what has that got to do with Time?
Let’s think about our online community experiences. How much ‘Time’ does it take to meet say ten people and chat to 10 people on line compared to when we meet 10 people?  Its the TIME that we cat online that is relatively shorter than when we physically meet 10 people. Or just clicking on the button Like  while there is still time. 

Yes we do …..

We seem to live in Times of the Quickening

Awakening beyond time

This following video puts Time into a different perspective. Life isn’t just finite—it’s short.

We should appreciate every bean like it’s our last, but that’s easier said than done. As most of our doing becomes habit, our perception of time accelerates. Whereas years once felt like an eternity, as we age, they tend to vanish in a blink.

Have any of you ever had the following experience?

Missing Time – a blackout?

I have and I’ve shared my experience in this short article . so let’s ask the following question: Are we trapped into a mental program that is controlled by what we experience as TIME?

Is our Experience of ‘Time’ an Illusion?

This blog of mine is called the End of Time, but what I really mean by that title is that during these end times we are all in the midst of evolutionary changes to do with the awakening. Every being on the planet will have the opportunity to move out of time!
While some have speculated about the possibility that the ongoing Syrian Civil War and the economic collapse predictions may be connected to the End Times, for me it feels we are all participating in a game.

The Game of Time.

This heading suggests that  our reality is like a game and that the Game we play is also a way for each individual Soul to maximize their potential as a co-creator – what we can achieve with our time within the Game . Today we have far more resources at our fingertips ( ha ha …keyboard)  than say our great grandparents did.

Time Travel

The cosmic traveler web

What is about to come and that there is little time left to bring about transformation, gets clearer when their own lives are swept up by the dramas that trap them into the illusion of a reality that can only exist if they give it their energy.

Today the term Time Travel gets more and more a reality. It’s mind boggling at first, but from a scientific perspective it makes sense. It means no one has a monopoly on how fast time goes by or how long it takes for something to happen. Things get really interesting when you not only travel very fast, but CHANGE how fast you’re going.

Einstein argued that time and space are mixed up in a way that means two people do not measure the same rate of time. Now that somehow made sense to me. There are days when I seem to have done a lot of things in a short period of time. Usually that’s because I enjoyed what I was doing! On another day where I need to do the chores that I do NOT enjoy doing, but have to be done, when the day is past, I feel that my day seemed longer.

Is Time Travel possible?

If time travel to the past were possible, why is it that we have not been visited by any time travelers from the future, or have we? In my novel” The Cosmic Traveller Richard – my novel character –  learns that SOME of the crop circles makers are US, but from our future. True or fiction? Some say the crop circles are created by space ships, not ours but beings from other worlds, parallel worlds or other  dimensions.

Are we controlled by TIME during our dream-time?

I  perceive that our dreams do not exist in a time and space setting. We can dream about past or even future events. Our dreams are often a kind of data organizing process from our sub-conscious mind. It’s my experience that dreams don’t only exist; they are a reality in another time-space continuum. In my novel: Parallel Worlds and Realities my character Liesbeth / Tulanda is aware of two realities at the same time.  


It seems that if our planet goes through changes in magnetics and frequency, that is why many people are feeling the effects of the changes physically. It’s as if our physical bodies are trying to attempt to tune in to the changing frequency of our planet. That might be one of the reasons why we are feeling that we live in the time of the quickening.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any questions please ask then below in the comment box.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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