The best news we have been waiting for!

What do you think that is?

When several of our friends suddenly all shared their travel photos of a trip to Indonesia  and their activities there through Facebook, we knew that something big was happening. We didn’t know exactly what, but it had to be major for them to be invited to participating in this World Congress. I’m so glad to have heard the video, and I’m sure more will come.

President of United Nation Swissindo World Trust International Orbit Sugihartonotonegoro ST, signed with LAOS (presidential office delegation) for the release of payment order 1:11 for channeling aid to 253 countries

RE-EVOLUTION of world culture has started March 11, 2014, starting with changes in the Global financial system.

Several of our friends traveled to Indonesia, all the people from who supported Anthea Torr in her passionate mission to make a difference on a global scale.


Anthea’s motto is:
“I Am a Freeman on the planet! I choose to be under the common law jurisdiction of The Republic of Good Hope
(  and or check out also

We are all very proud and glad that your dreams have become a reality and we rejoice in your participation Anthea.

Click here to learn more about the Global Delegates of the UN Swissindo World Orbit Trust.

When I wrote my article:

How do we create a better world for future generations?     I knew that our reality of today would be saved by the people who care.

our future generations

For thousands of years people have believed that only an authoritarian organization employing rigid disciplinary methods could govern human society, but not anymore. The emergence of nonviolent “people’s power” movements all over the globe shows that the human race can no longer tolerate or function properly under the rule of tyranny. We cannot rely on politicians to run our world.

Our world is changing rapidly and has grown smaller due to the internet. Unity ConsciousnessUbuntu a global community where money is unnecessary, will become a reality because the principles of Ubuntu stands for abundance in all spheres of life, beyond our wildest imagination.
A world where everyone can choose to live anywhere, where everything is provided for due to the new set of laws based on the needs of the people – a culture where each individual is encouraged to follow their passion and therefore will contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all the people in their community.

More great changes that are taking place in South Africa

When Michael Tellinger told us that he was going to stand for election in the South African parliament we were all very surprised because he is the last person that behaves like a politician.

The UBUNTU Party will participate in the South African Elections on 7 May 2014. This is a historic moment because our entry into the political arena was paid for by the people through a global crowd-funding campaign, which clearly indicates the global support for our simple philosophy of UBUNTU Contributionism. The people want something NEW.

If anyone feels the need to share my blog entry, so this great news will get to everybody that needs to hear about it, please do so.

With love and Light


4 thoughts on “The best news we have been waiting for!

  1. Please, so far nobody has replied to me. This is all confusing because all I see is some form, which I don’t even have the means to print, that I am supposed to fill out “for my country”? This is the form I was shown:
    So far, no one has told me what this really means. I am living in Florida in the United States and am lucky enough to have a place to live and a limited amount of food. That’s it.
    How does someone like “Me” get benefit from this? Please, there is so much information… very drawn-out and bits of information here and there, but nothing telling me as an individual step-by-step what I should do to be involved.
    Is there someone or some group out there that can contact me and lay out some step by step plan I should take, or some website that lays out the exact steps a regular person needs to take to be involved/blessed by this?
    My email is

    • I now only saw your comment but I’m surprised that you never found any links relating to this swisssindo group on the internet. I was never part of that group and never will. I liked the video that was all.

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