How to create a Free and Equal society for all

What would that be like? In South Africa the word Ubuntu means having a belief in a universal bond of sharing that which connects all of humanity. Imagine a world that works for everyone      In a world of total equality, there is mutual support. There is no class system or favoritism based on how many possessions or how much money one has. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity.

Western civilization is bent on focusing what’s “out there.” Knowledge of the Inner Self is suppressed, but let’s imagine a world  with no more bills, banks, loans, financial crises, corruption, unemployment, crime, war, passports, terrorists, pollution, prostitution, hunger, poor, homeless….and the list goes on. The whole structure of control would collapse as soon as you remove the support of financial power.

How can we make sure the next generation is better off?

What would happen to the transportation industry, for example, if everyone were able to teleport themselves at will? There would be no need for cars, buses, trains, ships, and planes.  That is my vision written about in my novel: Parallel Realities. We, as a people, though, are not encouraged to explore these “super human” gifts. How many people understand the feeling of communal sharing without the thought of money today?
There are three different leadership groups on our planet today

  • The economic and political leaders
  • Spiritual and religious leaders
  • The scientists, ecologists and environmentalists

Could we possibly achieve the goal that these three branches of leadership will agree upon all decisions made for the planet unanimously?  Its my feeling that our major obstacle is MONEY!  Our medium  of exchange has trapped us all in a slave race society.

Nelson Mandela explains the term “UBUNTU” very well on a short video clip on  Micheal Tellinger who founded the Ubuntu Party will be contesting the South African elections on May 7th 2014. He is a great example to us all. Please watch his presentation about the Ubuntu party

The UBUNTU Party intends to create a PEOPLE’S BANK that creates money for the people, by the people – tax free and interest free.

While researching for my novel Parallel Realities I found Michael Tellinger’s Party and their aim commendable. I wrote a dialogue script between four of my characters for my novel that seems to sum up what they stand for. Mind you…
The world needs a completely different mindset to survive the next century.

I’m going back to my novel writing and let one of my Characters Toon take over.
“Let’s sum up what the Ubuntu party might stand for if it gets one or two seats in parliament, and then see if you all feel they have a possibility of successToon suggested.   Click here to read further

Never in my life did I think I would get involved in a political election campaign, but I can see the need to have someone of like mind have a voice when they manage to get at least one, two or (let’s hope) as many as four seats in our government. Michael is no politician, and many of us are grateful that he is prepared to be an example to people that have only there self interest at heart.

Ubuntu pamphlets

Easter has now past but more new ideas will surface to help the Ubuntu party with setting up a People’s Bank. I will soon write at greater length about a forthcoming financial system that will operate as a global person to person exchange system without any artificially created borders – a system that allows everybody to operate their own bank without any usury involved.

Thanks for reading my post.



What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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