We live in a pre-Enlightenment stage

What do I mean?

With all the events that are going on I still see the world as an organic living whole. Everything is within and around us.We live in a pre-Enlightenment stage

Every morning my usual routine is to either open my tablet (while still in bed) or get dressed and open my computer to look at Facebook and the many chat rooms I belong to on Skype. I spent about an hour on both: replying to people on Skype, looking at Face book’s news feed page, sharing if so inspired, commenting on friend’s posts and checking the Face book groups I’m on.
This morning I came across this website via a Facebook post:   40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don’t Know   and was drawn to the title: Five Mind Blowing Underwater Cities

The incredible photos of these underwater cities reminded me of a few other articles I’ve written.
That Our Akashic Recordis a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of our soul’s journey.

the palace of Cleopatra

Because we live in a pre-Enlightenment stage this inspired me to write an article with the title: Awakening to our Soul memories for Hubpages. The description for this article is as follows:
If new knowledge is built based on our past knowledge, and then stored in our memory, when does it get stored in our Akashic records?

To uphold a pre-Enlightenment philosophy by conceptualizing our world as “co-eternal with God,” we are able to achieve direct experiential knowledge of our divine nature through our ecstatic states of mind.

This image reflects an optimistic perspective of our ability to assess the 7 realms of existence that emphasized humanity’s ability to create a “more harmonious, more beautiful” society.the 7 main realms or planes of existence

In my article: When does the soul enter the human body?   I wrote that all soul-evolving humans are literally the evolutionary sons of God the Father and God the Mother, the Supreme Being.

Most of my readers who follow my blog know that I’m a writer of visionary fiction, so what inspired me to adventure into the truth behind the many so called Mythical worlds? Hollywood does the same. There are many movie script writers that are employed by the movie industry all over the world. Are movies preparing us for the truth?

The internet has enabled every person to find out about the many underwater cities that have been found, each of them as eerie as they are mind blowing.

Today humanity has moved into a new cycle of life. Our Souls are now experience the many Virtual Realities and Mythical Worlds in Cyberspace.

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