What are the predictions for the End Times?

Are we living in a hologram od a lie?Yes I’m sure of it! Why?

Everything in our reality that controls us is FAKE!  I will show you why I write this, but first think of an answer to the following question.
How is a global population going to feel when they all Wake up and learn that our money is fake, and that many shadow governments murdered and stole from millions of people for their own gain? Our Money is Fake I’m sure most of us respond with words like: Anger, Distrust, Suspicion, and Betrayal.

Is that the reasons why 132 Nations Want Out of the Corrupt Cabal Banking System?

We might as well just pull out monopoly money from the board game and use that as our currency. Today our economy is mostly electronic anyway. All the world’s currency is just numbers. Its the vibration field behind the concept of ‘money’ that we must look at. That vibration is a control system, or program if you like, that has us all in its grip if we allow it.
Our individual relationship with money tells us everything about how we live in our daily lives. Our feelings and belief system about money control our material manifestation. It’s a reflection of our energetic own vibration.  It’s the mirror of our deep seated belief system combined with our karmic imprints. We may not have a say in the world economy, but deep down within we know that we can have full control of how we want to live and what vibration we want to carry. All we need to do is: WAKE UP!

Our Debt is FakeYou know how Banks control us?

* Every time we swipe our credit or debit card, the transaction is scored to gauge the risk of fraud.
* Banks use our ‘behavior’ scores to figure out how we consume and deny our credit or increase our mortgage rates based on that behavior.
* Deposit behavior is also gauged. If you save a little or a lot, they are watching that and plugging in the data to determine whether or not to lend us more funny money. Read on if you want to…

If that is all true, and we know that money is just a form of energy that we give it, how do we detach ourselves from its power? Does it help if we learn more about the cabal’s mechanizations, and we come to realize that this is a plan by them to introduce a new, one world currency?  I think it is, because we need to understand why the cabal system was created. What is the agenda behind it?  Only then when we  renounce their debt-backed currency and return to barter and create our own commodity money. If we create a people’s bank where everybody is their own bank! ONLY then will we get out of the banker’s vise-grip.

our food is FakeMost of the food we eat is not food. Read about the 6 Creepiest Lies that the Food Industry is feeding us. There are many websites that tell you what is not really food.  I’ve linked some of these sites, so I do not have to repeat this. If we are going in for growing our own food, most of the seed are modified, meaning they will not produce seeds for the second crop. That means we need to keep buying seeds for every new season. These are even governments that try to stop people from growing their own food! How is that for proof that the human population is being prevented from Waking UP through fear!

Our Weather is Fake

Are we steering towards global warming or another little ice age, or are we due for another polar tilt?

Those who made their living from spreading alarm by publishing extensively about unusual weather events, whether it was a storm, a drought, a blizzard or a flood, did they have an agenda by saying that it is the result of man-made carbon dioxide emissions?

Politically funded and agenda driven scientists live well on the 2.6 billion dollars a year of Federal grants to spread these lies. Many have built their careers on the theory that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the exhaust of burning of fossil fuels will lead to a dramatic increase in “the greenhouse effect” causing temperatures to skyrocket uncontrollably.  But again I ask myself WHY? What is behind all these lies?

Can we predict what our lives on this ‘illusory hologram’ wake up to?
feel that there are great changes happening around us. There are just too many unexplained events happening every day!

What happened to that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?  I keep thinking of the heart-rending stories of family members that are having to endure ongoing weeks of uncertainty. As I’m writing this I happen to be reading Millennium by W.A.Harbinson and this gave me the idea that Extraterrestrial entities might have abducted the plane for unknown reasons. This might not be such an unbelievable idea, but why?  The article below ‘s conclusion is that in the 21st century a large modern airliner cannot disappear without a trace, and it also cannot crash without a trace.

in the 21st century an large modern airliner cannot disappear without a trace, and it also cannot crash without a trace. – See more at: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1009708/pg1#sthash.cMqNqY5z.dpuf
There is NO SUCH THING As a Dissapearing Plane in the 21st Century. – See more at: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1009708/pg1#sthash.cMqNqY5z.dpuf
Extraterrestrial entities abducted the plane for unknown reasons – See more at: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1011395/pg1#sthash.TLlWftTb.3cwDsMcZ.dpuf

 There is NO SUCH THING As a Dissapearing Plane in the 21st Century

And the heart-rending stories of family members having to endure ongoing weeks of uncertainty and real speculation of many levels of malfeasance and/or incompetence, makes this a mystery with significant human impact. – See more at: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1011395/pg1#sthash.TLlWftTb.dpuf
missing Malaysia Airlines flightMH370

missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
flight MH370?
flight MH370?

Are there ‘bigger agendas’ humanity is not aware off?

This fascinating conversations  between Bil Deagle and Jeff Rense said it all for me. Almost EVERYTHING we have been told (and are still being told) are lies . . . the sooner that we all admit that we have been duped, the sooner something gets done about it . . .

Could we call the civilization that created the human species our ‘God(s)? For  many the following suggestion might contradict the idea that extraterrestrials created us, but I loved the article.

What If God Were One Of Us

For me the god is within us. For me the expression of God is the life force that creates through the energy of LOVE. Our Soul field is like a library of all the experiences of an individual life-force expression. Meaning that the God within as is individually expressing itself. That is in a nutshell what my perception is.

The Emerald Tablets tells us to  “Listen and be wise” but only if the light of our own consciousness awakens the deep-seated understanding, which is an inherent quality of our soul.
Thanks for reading my blog.

In all my novels Ive been guided that by 2020 there is little doubt that something drastic is happening, but I still do not know what. Do you?

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