The end of using bank notes and coins

For my fifth novel Parallel Realities I needed to do some research about the vision I have had for quite some time; that soon (maybe in a few years’ time) our global banking system will have drastically changed. There will be no more bank notes or coins in circulation.

Money has been a part of human history for at least 3000 years, so how can we remove the circulation of bank notes and coins? Gold and silver have intrinsic value but paper money has an intrinsic value of zero, so why bother to keep printing more notes?

  • Is this not how currency slavery came into being?
  • What gives money its value?
  • Do the paper notes in your wallet have value?
  • Is fractional-reserve banking a fraud?

path out of slavery

Today pretty much all banks are fractional-reserve banks. They can create money – book-entry money or deposit money. Most of the registered money stock in modern economies is simply a book-entry on bank balance sheets. They are just numbers.

Read Detlev Schlichter,s article on this topic. He is an independent economist, market commentator and investment strategist.

In my article: How to envision a brilliant new economic system   I have been visualizing a new system where each individual becomes their own bank.

your own bank outside the commercial banking system

The new economic exchange platform is already happening in the more technically advanced nations where electronic banking is becoming the norm. People use credit and debit cards and lately even airtime as a form of payment.
This kind of change appealed to me, because it would put a stop to banks just printing money. Instead it’s the knowledge, talents, skills or gifts that people have themselves that has value and no corporation can borrow, steal or enslave a person for their own abilities.

This is the year that we are moving into a new world of financial transactions

Please look up the website of and sign up for FREE! You might just get a card and become your own banker one day!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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