Is there evidence of the End of Times?

These days the research for my visionary fiction novels takes me on many journeys in cyberspace, and many articles that related to this topic can be read if you click on this link. My latest two articles:

Was ‘aging’ ever meant to happen?    and my article:  Can biological aging be halted?    inspired me to believe in the future of our Human specie.

Was ‘aging’ ever meant to happen
Our human mind is also programmed to think in linear time; meaning that we have a past – beginning – the present moment – the NOW – and the future – not yet happening. That is why we all still hold on to our experiences that people, animals and plants and all the other kingdoms on Earth experience aging and die. In my novels I let my characters tell their story of awakening. They live in our time, but many of the people of the Jaarsma clan have already developed , or are in the process of activating their other senses like telepathy, clairvoyance etc..

the characters of the Jaarsma Clan2

When our negative thinking takes control.

Some people point to every earthquake, every political upheaval, and every attack on Palestine as a sure sign that the end times are rapidly approaching. Some take the writings of the book of Daniel,the 27th book in the bible literary. One article speculates that the Siberian Craters Signify End Times. I have yet to find out why.  As concern mounts over the worst Ebola outbreak yet recorded, so people are stimulated by spreading negativity, and yes the energy of doomsday returns to us sooner or later. Many were disappointment after the end of 2012 because  nothing happened, but that is not true, something did happen!  December 2012, the system of Corporate-Governmental rule has been foreclosed. Legally foreclosed

Whatever we see, and believe in, that will start to materialize, sooner or later.

is our world fiction


Every day our negative reactions are a product of our primitive neural system (reptile brain) which has not changed in the last 10.000 years. Today more than ever we react quickly about every possible dangerous global situation. The hidden agenda of our reactions is to create feelings of animosity towards possible danger, so we can run or fight. Humanity is then out of control.

The greatest lie ever told to man  is due to our “programming”  to believe that humanity has limiting possibilities which are actually boundless in terms of how we relate to each other and the universe.

There are different levels of existences, different life-experiences and there is no possible end in that progress, we always live, whatever choice we make.

I like the following statement of Tatjana     God is always content and always believes in positive outcome

A new beginning

I have never believed that we live during the end of times. Meaning that life on earth is reaching the end of times, unless we mean the end of one global cycle, the end of our society’s level of consciousness. Then we actually talk about a new beginning.  Every living life form in our reality is made from the same substance as our Creator’s consciousness that means to me that we live forever, and we evolve forever due to us being co-creators. There is no end, no death, and no final destruction.

Nadine May




4 thoughts on “Is there evidence of the End of Times?

  1. Thank you! you are so right! Reactive minds exists and Creative minds exists. It is always a choice as to which one you want to be. Now, me learning how to load the dishwasher “right” – THAT! would certainly foretell the end of times! smile. thanks for the positive lift today.

  2. Hi Nadine, so sorry to be aaaanswering this so long after posting but I’ve been recovering from a year of surgeries and fighting lyme disease. This topic is oneof my favorites and I love delving into its many facets. I wish, like you, I could write good fiction, but I’m limited to non-fiction and some short fiction. I’d love to sit with you over coffee and discuss the endless possibilities of eternalexistence. Great post!!

    • Hi Micki so nice to hear from you. Really sorry to hear about you fighting lyme disease. How did you get it? Were you bitten by a tick? Starting with short stories is good.

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