Welcome to our virtual world

It’s already November 2014  and more and more people are entering into the virtual world of Cyberspace.virtual shopping

  • What does that do to our physical reality?
  • How will  this virtual reality change people’s lives?
  • Cyberspace 2020. What will it be like?
  • Will everything be for sale on the internet?

Some  worry about the isolation people have from those who are not connected to the internet. They worry about the negative social effects personal interactions online can have in relation to our physical interaction. This kind of separation is worst for the small number of people who have apparently become addicted to cyberspace gaming.  A friend of mine told me that while visiting her grandchildren, they spend nearly all their time online, ignoring her, their parents and they are not doing their schoolwork.

Darkness and Light

Dark and light

There are virtual artists these days who seem to be stimulated by the feelings that fear and negative thoughts bring out in them. The sad part is that it’s the inner fear and hopelessness that these artists themselves feel the need to express through their art. Please read on…

Some people paint a rosy picture of what life would be like if virtual reality was universal. That I cannot see happening either, but I do  like to visualize that the power to share a virtual world where knowledge is free for all  could be a beautiful thing, raising human consciousness to new heights.

In my article: Becoming a virtual entrepreneur  I shared all kinds of ways in which people earn an income in Cyberspace.  To me that means these people can  live anywhere in the world and their office can be any coffee shop that has WiFi. No more racing to a 9 to 5 job would for many be a dream come true I’m sure.

I’m well aware that not everybody can be a virtual entrepreneur. Some will become virtual shoppers, instead of mall cruising they surf the internet.

We live in trans-formative times

In case any of you are not yet aware that we do, then read my  post  titles:

Life is like a Monopoly game

Thanks for reading my blog.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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