Nadine’s Shopping Emporium

leather sliding door 1987 for blogI am still writing  Hubpages, Bubblews and Wikinut, but my time on line is now divided between this and my new shopping emporium on line necessitated by the recession in the printed book world. A new reality has now opened up for me, the shopping reality in Cyberspace.  From the comfort of our home, or through our cell phones we can practically purchase anything at any time from any place in the world.

What so intrigued me was that I could share my love for creative design by placing my art and crafts projects completed over the years onto products that are sold through and Redbubble.

Here are the banners for my three shops at Zazzle.

Just Kidding: In this store many of my products have a leather-look design, images from my oil paintings and modern graphics including from family photos.
I have accepted orders from family and friends and used to their photos and  created hundreds of items with them.

just kidding banner final

The Awakening: In this store all the images Ive created over the years for my articles on the topic of Ascension have been re-edited and are now decorating many products from pillows to crockery, T shirts and many other products.


Kima Global Gifts: This store was born with the idea that I could use the book cover designs that I created over the years and to which we own the copyright. I re-edited them, so they look good on both Zazzle and Redbubble products, and in the descriptions Ive added the link to the Kima Global publications.
There is nothing that stops me from taking on other author’s book cover designs ( if they hold the copy right) and creating a marketing product for them. It might be a new way to get their book(s) popping up all over in cyberspace in the shape of merchandise!

kima global banner

I still aim to publish my fifth novel: Parallel Worlds  this year and the link will take you to my fan page on the topic on Parallel realities. I will post most of the links to the articles there in case you missed them. It’s all about how we already are moving into the two different realities that The Matrix movies have so well described.

Thanks for reading my well overdue post.

Nadine May


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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