Is Life like a Monopoly Game?

Life is like a Monopoly game


I  know that many of you out there must have been asking the same question.I wrote an article about it .

It was only yesterday that I saw the below video going past my Face book feed page, somebody has the same idea.


3 reality choices
Today there are far more survival challenges than ever before. By survival I do mean human beings in general, NOT the soul and spirit of every human , animal or other life forms. They are eternal so far as I’m concerned.
How did I come to my own philosophy in life? That everything around us is an illusion?
I was asked to enter a writing challenge by posting a personal interview. This reminded me of a real radio interview from 2002. It took a while to find the tape recording, since it not been posted on my soundcloud address. It was probably not yet an online website, so I typed it out.

My creativity from long ago and today

leather sliding door 1987 for blog

Sadly Flash driven slide show codes on my word press blog do not seem to work, but if you click on the image –
that will take you to my art gallery.

My first love in this life has always been making or creating something. I’m very much a do-it-yourself person. Always have been and that is not going to change, even when some days can be a challenge, especially when I discovered that the moment I have added airtime onto my cellphone, ten minutes later its taken off without me having done anything! No sms, phone calls or surfing the internet. I only do that when I’m in a WiFi zone, so what did I pay for?

Or to discover that for ten years I’ve paid R300 too much for an insurance, when I claimed for something for the first time!

These two examples are just minor obstacles that can be solved, but it nevertheless awakens one to stay alert and be aware that this reality is just a mental projection our human mind has programmed as being for real, but what is for real?

An interview with Nadine May – a Hubpages writing challenge

Thanks for reading my post.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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