I’m human, not a Robot.

On the internet these days how often do we have to prove just that? That we are Human! What would our great great grandparents say if they knew, but then the Internet would have been an unknown concept let alone computers.

As I was writing this blog I was inspired to created these T-shirt designs under my Nadine May brand name at Amazon. One was sold that same day!

We all know that many websites have reasons to make us prove that we are a human being through questions or images – either we have filled in a form, or uploaded designs, like I do onto Zazzle, for example. I dislike the distorted scrambled up text option, and in some cases I have just gone away from frustration, but what does that tell us about our world?

Do we have to get used to knowing that we have to compete with Robots? But then what are we?

This first question then come to mind. Is the Human body a Program in itself?

Is the Human Body a program? Are we living in a hologram? Are human Souls trapped? Is humanity tied into indoctrination programs? When is news a false flag? Are higher-frequencies triggering an awakening? Those are the questions I’ve written about in my Hubpage article.

A new science paper posted an article saying that the first genetically modified humans could exist within two years. Scary idea, but who created us? Yes many will say GOD did, but if our scientists can manipulate our DNA and what more…then who were the  genetic scientist who created our DNA blueprint.

Some say the Annunaki, but who were they?
this video is a good summing up of the Annunaki

More evidence that suggests that modern man is not the result of a linear process of evolution but rather a cyclical creation process, intelligently supervised by beings referred to in ancient times as “Gods”.is coming to light, especially now that most of us are connecting through the internet.

Lloyed Pye claimed ( like many others) that a superior alien race called the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru incrementally terraformed and populated Earth for their own reasons, later returning to Earth and, through a process of genetic manipulation, produced humans. These ideas supposedly come from translating and interpreting ancient Sumerian texts (Anunnaki and Nibiru are names from Sumerian religious myths).

The book Trough Alien Eyes by Wesley-Bateman is a very easy book to read..

Just imagine if the whole world became aware that physical reality emerges out of a process and construct based on the frequencies of light and sound (electric and magnetic) waves.
This would change everything here.Many movies have addressed the same ideas.

Once humans can accept that their world and reality experience is a hologram and they begin to understand how they can master the hologram, all these things are possible but it will take a major learning and consciousness shift. Most of my articles on Hub pages are related to this physical 3D reality we seem to be misled by. Even if it is of our own making, that is still not helpful if we have not understood how to step out of the illusion and how to stay in an observer mode.

The six questions in my first article: Is the Human body a Program in itself?    will be address in the followup article:

Six future opportunities were people can find their passion to make a difference.





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