The Virtual Reality Program of Alchemy

Physical Alchemy

HOW TO NAVIGATE RADICAL CHANGE – PLUTO/SATURN by Michelle McClunan is an interesting read for a person ( like me) who comes from the perception that we are all divine spirits with many different energy bodies. If our universe is a virtual hologram ‘program’ like an awesome manifestation of a godlike field of consciousness, then all the other universes, galaxies, planets and moons on different dimensions in an astrology chart are likewise a Hologram of Consciousness.

Having human experiences by living in a physical holographic body of energy on planet Earth is united through a collective consciousness field ( like so well portrayed in the movie Avatar)

It’s my understanding that this physical third dimension reality program on planet Earth will soon run its course.

Our 3 D field reality on Earth has been an evolutionary process, ( like many cycles before us) but we are now living during the end of times of this evolving cycle. That is why it is important to go through the awakening. Like Michelle McClunan writes in her astrology article. “Pluto is the planet of transformation and this is a time when we are invited to make choices from our essence, rather than from our ego, to live from the centre of our beings which is the only place of true power. “

We are all the Reality Shifters

Often through movies or novels, our creative mind is taken into a reality that could very well be real. For someone who needs a more scientific explanation about our holographic reality- the series ‘Missing Links’ with Gregg Braden on Gaia com is well recommended.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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