Choices We Make During Lock-down

What is Important?

Choices on the political, social, work, personal behavior and our interactions with each other off and online must be dealt with.
We must all ask; what is important?


Political: The divisions in point of view towards our world political leaders is alarming, especially when most of our population believes everything that the major media TV channels promote as facts.
We cannot truly trust ANY government stats, considering that India is the most populated country in the world and that Africa is not a country and that no Arab countries are on this list, but this image is going around the internet. It’s clear to me that every individual must think for themselves; what is true for them and what is not. Each person must stop being blind followers and instead ask, what is important?


Our physical interaction with each other due to the distance we all need to comply with. What hardship does that bring, not able to hug a friend, or that grandparent cannot visit their grandchildren? Is this a way to use emotional fear so humanity will stifle their natural ability to have compassion for one another? Ask what is important?


Some can work from home, some in the medical professions are overwhelmed and millions are now unemployed because larger, smaller and individual businesses have been shut down. Some hated their jobs but it paid the bills, so what now? Ask what is important.

Personal Behaviors

Everybody has been affected by having to spend time in a confined space, alone, or with family. There is no escape to go anywhere. No hiding from dealing with mood swings or frustrations. Worries about what happens after the pandemic. In some cases, fear of poverty is now more than ever in peoples mind. Ask what is important.

Our outlook on life will have changed after the lock-down. Hopefully, many of us have used this time to awaken to what is truly important. Our living, work and social times are now perceived differently. Some will scale down or will move to a different location, some have become an entrepreneurs working for themselves and families have bonded more with each other.
These are transformative times and if gives us an opportunity to express our humanity, community spirit and interconnections in unprecedented ways.

Soul Incarnations

Our souls made the choice to be incarnated during these times. What are we to learn that can only be learned through an incarnation?
It’s often been told that there are many more souls that want to incarnate than there are physical forms or bodies available to use.
For some, being born again seemed to be a curse white others feel it’s a great privilege.
Our incarnation on Planet Earth that exists at the bottom of the physical universe (frequency bands 1-3) is the most addictive and the most complicated reality to participate in and the hardest to awaken from.
It is only when one can see the bigger picture, which appears to be an obstacle at first, only at that moment, we will find a way to go back on-track in accordance with one’s life plan.
That moment came for me through doodling out my thoughts in the eighties. My children had left home so I was feeling the need for a complete change by following my soul’s passion, which was to pursue a spiritual ascension journey by inviting more soul energy into my human experience.

Drawing through our Higher Self.
My doodling though the Higher Self project came to life by creating symbols that stood for human qualities.
Every positive thought we think is alive and magnetic. Loving pure thoughts are food for our soul. They give us joy and laughter. They make us feel good. They are of a tone that massages our whole energy field. They reprogram our etheric double until it reflects our original blueprint.

April 16th Cape Town

Today on my to-do list is preparing for a free download the PDF files on the Base Chakra doodle journal of the last two Soul Quality symbol drawings on the power of Friendship and Global Unity.

Thanks for reading post

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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