Misinformation vs Disinformation

What’s the difference?

Disinformation is a deliberate intent to spread information known to be fake! Misinformation can be a result of disinformation. It refers to inaccurate information or content that is unintentionally promoted or shared. These days our technology can make up many stories that seem very real. Trusted well-known people who claim they have done their research, or they got their information from a trusted source could also transmit misinformation. Who knows what is real and what is fiction these days. All I’ve learned over the years through writing visionary fiction, is that fiction is often truer than facts.

Think about the famous “Find the 10 missing elements” in line drawings. Once you found all 10, you could not, not see them.

Once you know the truth of what is real and what is projected from the unified mind field of the human population, you can always see through all the different kinds of untruth. You only have to listen to your intuition, and that little voice will tell you if it’s true or not.

Social Programming

Our media all over the world is manipulating the human population. They have been “told” to spread FEAR as much as they can. At least that is clear to me. It becomes a standard business practice to spread and take viral the most shoddy reporting. I cannot find any news channel reliable when they ONLY report negative stories, never anything about natural health or allowing other doctors and scientists to share their knowledge. Why NOT? The reasons are that it’s not their narrative! Are people not waking up by questioning this spreading of fear? Sadly it seems many are not…yet.

We all need to stay grounded during these turmoil times.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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