Is a World of Love possible?

Whether you’ve been waiting with excitement for December 21, 2012, or haven’t a clue what all the fuss is about, one thing is for sure–big changes are on the way. We are holding a community gathering on that day. What are you doing on the 21st of December?
Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone’s mind. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning for mankind? Or just another year on the calendar?
this movie says it ALL!

This is a time of great awakening on Earth, with people increasingly more aware of the need to better cooperate with and respect one another and all the plants, animals and minerals co-existing on this beautiful planet. We are entering a time of global interdependence necessary for us best to adapt to weather, economic, and ecological challenges. Such increased cooperation requires that we demonstrate better respect for different individuals and cultures.  So let’s contemplate:

stone ageWhat it must have felt like for our ancestors to move from
Stone Age – Where we lived close to the land and were connected to nature for our survival. What made us move into our

Agricultural Age?

It must have been inspiring for some to find a way to live for tomorrow perhaps? Now farmers became rulers in their communities. They were learning how to harvest,  store and sell food to the masses. But then the masses learned to think for themselves perhaps? Is that why we moved into our
IndustrialIndustrial Age Age?

Is it because we wanted more material goods, more stuff, more entertainment, more activities besides working for our daily bread? Was that a global intent, meaning where more than 10% of our planet’s human population of the same mind set?  Was that the shift that moved us into our Information Age…?Information Age.

Let’s contemplate where we’re likely go next from here.
I’m tremendously excited about new possibilities in The Breaking Barrier Age era that have been written about  through the characters of the Awakening to our Ascension series.

This The breaking barrier Age has often been disguised by what is often called the New Age movement, or  The Conspiracy theory movement, and during our Information Age, light worker Networks have sprung up in Cyberspace that globally connect people who all have the same intent; to shift to a higher frequency reality where wars, sickness or greed for power has no way to take over.

Breaking all barriers means many things for many people!

No matter where you live on Planet Earth, the three point below will affect us all.

  1. Yes our global financial system will collapse.
  2. Yes the planet might feel as if it needs to clean up some of the poisons humanity has spread around the planet.
  3. Yes any negative thoughts and actions will now return to the individual, in order for each of us to take responsibility for our own manifestations.

The truth could be that:

Each person is at this moment in the right place during these shifting times, for reasons only they know. Its probably for their own instant awakening.


Because of those three points, the energy of FEAR can still have a great hold on people.  Therefore we all must aim to visualize the following;

  1. What would our society be like if all banks have to close their doors around the planet?   ( No more poverty? Imagine what that would be like)
  2. What would our society be like when people are now awakening to their own responsibilities towards themselves and the environment they live in? ( Would that mean no more crime, no more corruptions? Imagine what would that be like.)
Yes there will be chaos and many people are going through difficult times. People who were struggling with debt will be free from it, but they must still take responsibilities for their actions! People who saved money in the bank will also have no more money, and they will feel ‘done by’, but again hoarding for yourself, when millions are dying from lack of abundance can’t be just! People need to form local communities during these transformation times.

So, what could still stand in our way of the shift for the better of all?

  • It’s a fact that: Pharmaceutical companies need ill people to survive, so they create addictive poisons under the name of HEALING!

When people start to awaken up to that truth, and that the physical body is only our outer reflection of  the illusion of who we truly are, then CHAOS OF ANY KIND MAKES OUR REALITY SHIFT – and a new better world for all will emerge.

  • Its a fact that: Our financial systems needs wars to survive!

When people wake up to realize that war never resulted in prosperity for all, only  for a few. When people wake up to that truth, then the total collapse of our bank and their services is a MUST! – and a new better world for all will emerge.

  • Its a fact that: The few in powerful positions control the masses!

YES. But that is already changing ! Many more people are WAKING UP! Look at the NEWS around the world. Demonstrations! But we are not yet FREE!

Its now also a fact that: Through letting poisons be distributed in the air, that alone will affect the brain waves and clear thinking of the masses. People will just not Wake up!
Its now also a fact that: Through in the food chain, ( big corporation’s, supermarkets and junk food cartels ) they poison our population by making people addicted to the wrong foods to stay healthy. People will just not Wake up!
Its now also a fact that: Through subliminal advertising – using TV and internet channels  or any other entertainment arenas –  stealing our attention span away from our inner true self towards our outer realities? People will just not wake up!
Its now also a fact that: Indoctrination works very well!  – Making people believe in a higher power than themselves! People will just not Wake up!

Do we live in the times often called Armageddon?  ??

When people start to wake up and realize that they attract what is in their minds, and that their individual society is the reflection of themselves, they will NOT follow others or any distractions to blind them anymore, but they will instead stand up for what is for the good off all, then…
they will truly become co-creators
CHAOS OF ANY KIND MAKES OUR REALITY SHIFT – and a new better world for all will emerge.
Compare our times with a shaking  bottle of beer, and then the lid is removed!  explosionsWhat is spouting out is our  ‘foam’ – mis-creations – poisoned thought forms – energy of fear, hatred and greed and when it’s all gone, stillness returns!
If we want to change the world WE need to start with ourselves.

We need to be the change!

THEN the the world of LOVE has arrived!



Nadine May

2 thoughts on “Is a World of Love possible?

  1. Excellent post, Nadine. I am looking forward to the 21st and expect only wonderful thinga coming from it–id the End days are already upon us as they so often seem to be, we need a new beginning.


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