World War Pandemic

World in Chaos – 2020

April 2020

During march / April we are all experiencing a mind war, a kind of tyranny that has the whole population in a frantic Fear state. Yes, our world is at war. It’s not with tanks, bombs, bullets or nuclear weaponry, no it’s much more dangerous. If you want to truly control the mind of the masses through FEAR. What better way than buying time on the media outlets the masses most visit? People are addicted to negative news shows. The more tragic the better. Why? It’s because deep down they themselves are not happy. If they can see, read or hear about others with more tragic experiences, that somehow makes them feel better, but only temporarily because now they are addicted and need a fix; like drug addiction. So the many news channels, videos, and social media posts become their source to fill that addiction.

How can People Control that Addiction?

I knew for many years that doodling can bring out hidden subconscious mindset programs. Everybody can doodle and by freehand drawing thoughts with their feelings out on paper, or on an tablet or Ipad, the artist will be amazed how thoughts arise in all colors and shapes.

Those are the thoughts and feelings that have been stored away in our subconscious in this lifetime from birth, or even in other lifetimes. They need to be seen and recognized as a Virus which MUST be released in order to become a Reality Shifter. I have been working on this Language of Light blog during our lock-down in Cape Town, South Africa and decided to gradually release all my written work published in a printed form and some as eBooks. These books will stay for sale on Amazon, as well.
I’ve Started with the Doodle journals as free PDF downloads for people to start doodling while confined to their homes.

Free Downloads

The Energy Power Codes of Forgiveness By downloading the first section of the Base Chakra journal, ( from the Language of Light blog) see if you can print it out, or follow the instructions by having pieces of paper handy.

The first 24 pages of the 109 Language of Light Base Chakra journal include a foreword, table of content, introduction, instructions, and several doodle formats. This will allow you to get into the doodling guide steps followed by a grounding meditation and the creation of your first initiation symbol of the Base Chakra. It includes writing pages and your own Symbol of Forgiveness drawing formats and your forgiveness card.

Nadine May

What are your thoughts on this topic? Anything to add?

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